Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Book Aspirations

Scheduled posts, out.  Random posts, in. 

I was thinking how cool it would be to make one of my New Years Resolutions (I guess next year?  I suppose you could do it anytime, but New Years always motivates me) to read the entirety of some author's work.  For example, read every book written by Charles Dickens in the year 2013.  Except not him, because every time I try to read one of his books I get confused and frustrated because I have to look up too many words and end up not finishing it.  I believe the only Dickens' book I have finished in it's entirety is Hard Times which isn't saying much since it's really short.

So maybe someone else, but I don't know who I would choose. Here are my Top 5 candidates in random order:

1.  William Shakespeare- Of course! He is very important/influential in the literary world so I think it would be interesting (and possibly eye opening) to read his completed works.
2.  Jack London
3.  Stephen King (but he's written a ton of novels so maybe not very feasible)
4. Pearl S. Buck- I chose her because she wrote one of my all-time favorite novels ever (The Good Earth), but I've never read anything else she has written.
5. Philip Yancey-Yancey for me has been hit or miss so far.  What's So Amazing About Grace? changed my life, but his book entitled Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?...not so much.   I really admire him though and think reading all his works would be a very worthwhile endeavour.

Who would you choose?

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