Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Space Needle/Seattle

Whoa-Seattle is AWESOME!! I love this city! We've had so much fun here. So much fun, in fact, that we took a 3-hour nap today...whoops!

Here's a re -cap.
Post-graduation, we went to the space needle for dinner & a totally awesome view.

Can you see Mt. Rainer in the background? It's so pretty!

Today, we went down to the Seattle Public Market where we bought raspberries, smoothies, and souviners. Too cool!

Thereafter occurred the aforementioned prolonged nap :)

For dinner, we ate at the Irish Pub where I got my first ever steamed clams. yummy- I ate them all. Then we went and watched "500 Days of Summer". Not bad.

let's try that again with our eyes open :)

Lastly, we took a dip in the hot tub-WONDERFUL!
Tommorrow, it's onward to FORKS!! I'm so excited!! :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Soldier!

My honey is now an official soldier! I am so proud of him!!

What a cutie!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque has been really fun! Today is my last day here so I thought I would try to catch everyone up :) Here is a picture of my partial family :) It looks so small! More people are coming today & even more tonight after my sister & I have left...sniffle.

First night at my aunt's was my dad's 66th birthday! So we had cake for him & we all sang him happy birthday to Buzz.

We all thought that dad looked so thin holding his cake that mom wanted to try too :)

Next day was the pool day! It was SO AWESOME! I want a pool so bad now. We also went to Old Town & saw my cousin's $600,000 green home. It's completely solar-powered...really cool. Sorry I didn't take any pics!

And by the way, the cutest dog EVER belongs to my aunt. His name is Petey :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Denver+Road Trip

Made it safely to Denver to meet with my sis. Had a minor panic attack on the plane...but that's another story for another day ;) Arrived tired & hungry, but ready for fun!

We ate Mexican that night and then the next day we ran around on errands, tried to take the dog, Fu-Shang, to the dog park but was told that there was an outbreak of the BUBONIC PLAGUE among the prairie dogs.

I mean, are we in a movie or what? Met my brother that night before his softball game...which I hear they lost terribly :(

Next day was the almighty road trip to Albuquerque! It was fun, but HOT as we were basically without AC. What a better way to create memories?
We thought about going to Las Vegas...

but we stayed true to course :)

Good times

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

let's vent, shall we?

ok, does anyone actually like kathy lee gifford? i mean, somebody must cuz she got that job on the 4th hour of the today show. but she is constantly interrupting hoda & she is a total ditz. or at least she acts like one.

also, i am thinking that we can now move on from michael jackson's death. nothing against the man, but apparantly he is some form of deity to people b/c you can't turn on the flippin tv (i am very tempted to cuss) without seeing his face. and i think they need to put that body in the ground.
on the upside, on regis & kelly they were talking about sleeping positions between men & women & what it says about your relationship. i am proud to report that the position hubby & i sleep in is the one that shows the most "in love" amount...or something like that. that sentence was hard to word. anyway, it is facing each other with your legs intertwined. we fall asleep like that, but end up turning over sometime during the night. but i thought that was so sweet to hear. sometimes our foreheads will even touch...i miss him so much.

i am an official addict of army wives. i hope it stays good (i cant be certain b/c i am still in season one). i hung out with 2 little babies the past couple of days and now i want one! they are just so teeny & precious. here's some pics:

Isaac Joel
Felicity Olivia
Awwwwwwwl. so sweet. want one. but it takes 2 :) & it takes money :)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

What a Crapp-A+ Bo Funk Day

It is July 4th so of course I had to work a double, but of course it didn't matter cuz it wasn't like I was invited to go anywhere else except to downtown K-town with my mom which of course was impossible!

it did start out ok...like so:

See-not so bad. All these cute little flags in row on a misty dew-covered early morning. The day shift at work was alright. Got to work with Tiffany as charge nurse which is always laugh out loud! Walk home on my lunch break, play with my dog, eat my PB sandwich. Which, incidentally, Dr. Bir informed me would make my acne worse. I must wonder was he referring to acne in general or my acne? Cuz if it is the latter, all I got to say ruuuhuuude. Hmph.

So, then at shift change my day starts to go downhill. SLOW BORING MINUTES CREEP BY. At shift change, my Tiffany leaves (sad face) & I go home on my dinner break (in the pouring rain) to feed Bella & let her out (in the pouring rain). I specifically took a late dinner so that after dinner, Bella would only have to wait 3 hours until I got home.

On my way out the door heading back to work, I shut the door like I do every day except my genius self left my perfect wonderful beautiful keys INSIDE. oh yeah, so I think maybe the back door is open. Nope. Maybe Simon has a key. Nope. Maybe Mark & Sue have a key. Nope. Maybe Sara has a key. Nope. So I could call a locksmith at 8:30 at night on the 4th of July to open my door for probably $200 or I could freak out. I chose the latter. I walk back to work, call DW on the hunt for Karole & Blair. Find them & they have a key! This was so the highlight of my day. My exquisite husband gave them a key a long time ago "just in case". He knows me so well!! Of course it was God more than my husband, but I'm glad God used my husband to save my butt :)

So dear sweet Angie not only lets me leave work to drive out to Hurricane to get my key, but she loans me her pimp Ford Explorer cuz I didn't have my keys. It is the sweetest ride. I loved it.

Anyway, get my key. Admire the new home, stop to take a picture of a firework:
note-it is a very small firework :)

Drop the explorer off, go home, & find Bella in her kennel COVERED IN POOP!! Oh my, I mean, really? 2 hours Bella? Really? Come on, we all have to hold it sometimes!! 2 flippin' hours?? Gimme a break. I think she was just mad at me for leaving. So at 11pm, I am giving my stinky dog a bath while my cat meows mercilessly to come into the bathroom, then out, then in, then out. Sometimes I wish animals were just a little bit smarter.

I am now in my PJ's with a sweet-smelling dog & a fat cat & although it's been a tiring day, I'm feeling pretty happy:)
...& I am SO looking forward to my bed.

Friday, July 03, 2009

A Letter

I got a letter from my honey! It was so lovely to receive. I got it yesterday & I've read it mostly all day... :)

It was a single solitary letter but oh so special.
yay for hand-written notes of love.