Friday, December 12, 2008

i miss hubby

oh yeah, missing that man alright.

i actually wasn't missing him until he texted me last night saying he wasn't coming home today after all. now, all of a sudden, i'm lonely. at least i have my kitty kat man here with me. apparantly, georgia has been experincing bad weather so they couldn't get their 5th jump in as planned. no airborne graduation without 5 jumps. sad.

i am expecting him home on sunday. i'm not holding my breath.
but, thankfully, he has no broken bones so far. he doesn't love jumping out of airplanes, but it's gotta be better than waiting tables...

i had wonderful intentions of scrapbooking or something while he was gone, but of course i've done nothing but read. really, to meet me you wouldn't think i was such a dork! at least i hope not. i just can't help myself. i fall into books and i cant get back out.

at work today, dr. rushton showed me like 30 pictures of very pregnant bellies that he photographed and displayed at java joint coffee shop. i mean big ole bellies! (the women were covered up except for their bellies...they were very appropriate on that score). all i got to say is brave souls abound.

ok, now i'm just babbling.

just wanted everyone to know that i miss hubby.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Real Christmas

Right after I posted my last post, I put on Bebo Norman's christmas album "From the Realms of Glory" and now I'm sobbing like a baby.
I was so proud of my decorations and my festiveness and I realize that while that stuff is not wrong, it is not what should excite me about this season.
and it's not. not really. I am actually quite thankful that we dont have a big house to decorate or a big tree or lots of money to spend on presents because all that would distract me. I have a hard enough time without adding more whistles and bells to christmas.

Bebo sings:

Majesty had come down
Glory had succombed now to flesh and bone
in the arms of a manger
in the hands of a stranger that could not know
Just who they hold

And the angels filled the sky
All of heaven wondered why
Why their King would choose to be
be a baby born to die

You dont get the full effect unless you listen to it, but it is the most beautiful song I have ever heard in my life.
It definitely puts things into perspective. and I wonder why I can't remember how that song makes me feel every minute of every day. I wonder why I so quickly forget that christmas isn't really about family or parties or music but about Jesus coming down to earth in the flesh when He didn't have to. He knew He was coming down to the worst death that man ever created. Those words "Heaven wondered why their King would choose to be a baby born to die" strike me so because the heavenly creations see Jesus as He is. They see him as King of everything and so they know what He sacrificed. Our small minds cant grasp what Jesus gave up so that we might live. So that we might live. I pray that I dont get distracted this season, I pray that I cling to Jesus the Son of God.