Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon Premiere

I have SO much catching up to do! I just can't do it. Sorry.

Basically, we're pregnant, moving to Oklahoma in April/May until August, & then moving to only God knows where right now :) But I promise to keep you updated.

So, instead of trying to catch you up, I thought I would just post pictures from the New Moon Premiere, which was so FUN! I went with St. Mary's girls & really had a blast. I didn't get home until 3AM & wasn't even tired! I was, however, quite sleepy the next day :)

Oh yeah-I run with werewolves. Much more manly than pasty creatures who feast on animal blood. & I'm pretty convinced that if my man were a monster, he would definitely be a werewolf. (But I'm glad he's just human-plain humans are the best really)

Me, Dee, Margo, Kelly, Tiffany

Tiffany, Mary

Nick Megan Ashley

The Team Jacob's unite!! Betty, me, Margo. We were WAY outnumbered! Very few people have taste these days ;)

I think I love Dawn even more than I already did because of her face in this picture :)

See how close we were to the front of the line? That's dedication.

The whole gang! LOVE these girls!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bella & Zoe

K, so much for catching up with vaca & the like. Today Bella got to play with her friend Zoe. They are so cute! Check it out.

This is Bella realizing that something in the bushes is moving...

It's Zoe the Tabby Cat!! yay!

Bella asks Zoe in dog language if she wants to play.

Zoe says, "No Way Jose"!!

Bella says, "I won't leave you alone until you play with me"

"BACK OFF Mutt-I will claw you!"

Bella finally resigns to just lay down near her :)

Friends at last.

This is the closest I could get Phoenix to the outside world

& then as soon as I turned my back this is where he ran to! He's such a wuss! (But he's my wuss & I love him)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I am so sorry I've been MIA! Life tends to get in the way of my blogging :)
Anyway, so my goooaaalll is to post daily until I catch up. I have to finish vacation first....which leads us to Forks!!

Forks is so cool! Not really cool cuz it's a little teeny town without much going on but, I mean, it's Forks! We took a day trip down there from Seattle & had a TON of fun!

Here's some pics:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Space Needle/Seattle

Whoa-Seattle is AWESOME!! I love this city! We've had so much fun here. So much fun, in fact, that we took a 3-hour nap today...whoops!

Here's a re -cap.
Post-graduation, we went to the space needle for dinner & a totally awesome view.

Can you see Mt. Rainer in the background? It's so pretty!

Today, we went down to the Seattle Public Market where we bought raspberries, smoothies, and souviners. Too cool!

Thereafter occurred the aforementioned prolonged nap :)

For dinner, we ate at the Irish Pub where I got my first ever steamed clams. yummy- I ate them all. Then we went and watched "500 Days of Summer". Not bad.

let's try that again with our eyes open :)

Lastly, we took a dip in the hot tub-WONDERFUL!
Tommorrow, it's onward to FORKS!! I'm so excited!! :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Soldier!

My honey is now an official soldier! I am so proud of him!!

What a cutie!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque has been really fun! Today is my last day here so I thought I would try to catch everyone up :) Here is a picture of my partial family :) It looks so small! More people are coming today & even more tonight after my sister & I have left...sniffle.

First night at my aunt's was my dad's 66th birthday! So we had cake for him & we all sang him happy birthday to Buzz.

We all thought that dad looked so thin holding his cake that mom wanted to try too :)

Next day was the pool day! It was SO AWESOME! I want a pool so bad now. We also went to Old Town & saw my cousin's $600,000 green home. It's completely solar-powered...really cool. Sorry I didn't take any pics!

And by the way, the cutest dog EVER belongs to my aunt. His name is Petey :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Denver+Road Trip

Made it safely to Denver to meet with my sis. Had a minor panic attack on the plane...but that's another story for another day ;) Arrived tired & hungry, but ready for fun!

We ate Mexican that night and then the next day we ran around on errands, tried to take the dog, Fu-Shang, to the dog park but was told that there was an outbreak of the BUBONIC PLAGUE among the prairie dogs.

I mean, are we in a movie or what? Met my brother that night before his softball game...which I hear they lost terribly :(

Next day was the almighty road trip to Albuquerque! It was fun, but HOT as we were basically without AC. What a better way to create memories?
We thought about going to Las Vegas...

but we stayed true to course :)

Good times