Monday, September 26, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

GMG Week One

Wow!  Time just keeps on truckin'.  Hubby has been gone for 2.5 months!  Some days go slow, but most have gone by pretty fast.  I guess I can thank my toddler for that ;)  She keeps me busy, but oh what JOY she brings to everyone around her.  I mean, how can you not love this face???

Anyhoo, onto bible stuff!  I joined an online bible study.  Maybe you've heard of it?  It's called "Good Morning Girls" and it's all about getting up early in the morning (I got up at 6:20am today-big deal for me!) and spending time in God's Word.  I have only done 3 days, but I love it!   This week we only read one verse a day and so you have lots of time to think about it or look up the Greek words or anything that like.    Today they are having a link-up party.  Here's their website:  They have a button too, but since they don't have the code I surely don't know how to paste it!  I can probably figure it out later.  Today we are just supposed to blog about what we are learning (in the 3 verses we read!).

The main thing God revealed to me this week was the way John keeps using the word "Proclaim" (I'm reading the NIV).  The Greek word (apaggello) means "make known openly, declare" according to  So I have been thinking about what I declare not with my mouth, but with my life.  I found that I represent 3 things with my actions in this order:  1.) I am a mommy  2.) I am a Christian 3.) I am a wife.   Don't get me wrong, those are 3 wonderful things to be and I love being all those things, but did you notice what order they are in?  They are completely whacked!  It's supposed to go:  Christian, Wife, Mommy...right?  Well, that's what I believe anyway.  

When people look at me, they see mommy for sure.  I am pregnant first of all, but I am also very mommy-ish with Baby Girl.  We "talk" to each other in the grocery store.  I just chat her up like she's an adult "Do you think this is enough yogurt, sweetie?"  No response of course.  "Yeah, you're right we need more".  I also post pictures on FB of crafts we do or things she says.  I mean, my life right now screams "Mommy".  Then I'm a Christian.  I talk about going to church or getting up early to read my Bible or on FB I'll put as my status "Off to bible study! So glad I found these girls!".  You know, things like that.  Lastly, I'm a wife.  I don't often put things up about Hubby because I worry that people will think I feel sorry for myself or wanting attention.  I don't even tell most new people I meet that he is deployed because you always get that sad look from people and then they inevitably say "Oh, I don't know how you do it" or "that must be really hard" or "I admire you".  I know they mean well, but I am still a normal person!  If you tell me your husband is a doctor, I don't stick out my sad lip and say "Oh, I bet it is really hard being a doctor's wife".  I say "Oh, that's cool.  What kind of doctor?" 

OKAAAY, off my tangent!  Sorry about that.  Back to the point of this post, my life is out of order.  I am not sure that it matters what people see exactly, but it does matter how I see myself and how I live my life and really want to put God first, Hubby second, and kiddos third.  Which means when Hubby calls, I make time to talk to him.  If that means I put Baby Girl in front of the TV for 20  mins, then I just need to suck it up and do it.  That means that I pray to God before anything else when things arise during my day.  That means if Baby Girl keeps me up at night, I still get up and give God part of my day.  Changes, I tell you! Changes!  :)

Ok, guess who's awake now??  Hint: She's tiny and she's gorgeous!  Haha, I was about done anyway.  Great morning in the Word and it's going to be a great day!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Toddler Summary-16.5 months

I realize it would be better to have a 16 month summary or a 17 month summary, but it's September the 3rd and I feel like doing it now.  So there.  :)

She is still a fruit head and a carb head.  I have started giving her smoothies sometimes for breakfast and she loooooves them.  She still doesn't eat much meat.  She won't eat my awesome, handbreaded chicken nuggets but she will eat Chick-fil-A's!  Hmph.  She also won't eat my sweet potato fries.  Hmph.  Toddlers are picky! 

She was sleeping 8-8 until about 3 days ago when she started waking up from more teeth coming in (I think)!  She finally dropped a nap so she's down to one a day.  I thought that would be a drag, but it's made my life easier not having to get all my errands and playdates over and done with in an hour or two.  So now she naps from noon-ish to two-ish and all is well :)

Her 1st molars finally came in and she was sleeping really well again until 3 days ago as I previously wrote.  No new teeth have broken the surface yet but I assume it is her canine's since they are supposed to come next and she's been pretty textbook so far.  I also must admit that at first I wrote K-9's, but at least I knew something looked wrong!

She is really getting into her chunky puzzles.  I don't know when babies are supposed to learn colors, but she so does not get the concept!  She tries to put the red triangle into any of the holes, etc.  She loves to color with markers.  Crayons are ok, but markers are her favorite.  She is also starting to listen and sit still to an entire (short) book which is so fun for me!  We read A LOT.  The chick is a reader.  I don't know how many books we read a day-I should keep track just to see sometime.  She also likes going outside (but what kid doesn't, really?) and loves to play in the water.  I have started showing her bugs and butterflies and she thinks they are pretty cool.  She loves that game where you say "I'm going to get you" and chase her around the house! It is so fun!

She is learning how to climb down stairs.  She climbs up really well.  She is starting to "talk" a lot and she knows a lot of words.  She is also starting to say 2-syllable words and phrases (apple, all gone, color).  Her hair is super super curly and stays out of control! So I have started putting it in pigtails which makes it much more manageable for mommy :) 

Cutie pie in her pigtails :)

Mmmmm, can't think of anything else to say! Have a great Sunday tomorrow!