Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ladybug 9 Months

Ok, 9.5 months.  Ok, almost 10 months.  I also definitely missed 8 months.  Life is crazy, what can I say.

She is finally sleeping through the night!! And it is so very nice.  Words cannot express how awesome it is to get sleep almost every night.  She is sitting up, crawling everywhere, pulling up, and has tried to stand unassisted twice that we have seen.  I would be totally fine if she would walk soon!  That way we could all go outside and play and I wouldn't have to worry about her being on the cold ground.   Her sister and brother walked at 14 months and 12 months so we'll see...

She still put everything (I mean everything) in her mouth.  It is so frustrating!  I just can't keep everything off the floor with a 2 year old and a 3 year old running around!  She will find tissues, pieces of paper, crayons, etc.  We pretty much have banned all toys with small parts for the time being, but they still leave stuff laying around (like tissues!).

She is eating pretty good.  Still doing mostly pureed.  She enjoys eating and has yet to refuse anything.  She is nursing maybe 4 times a day, maybe 5.  I don't actually keep track and it's liberating.

She is still pretty small, but now gaining weight the way she is supposed to so that is a relief.  We will take her again next month.

She still isn't very demonstrative.  Well, that's not quite true.  She smiles allllll the time.  She just doesn't laugh out loud very often, but neither did Autumn.  If you *try* to make her laugh, she will, not just on her own.  She does have an adorable laugh though :)  She rarely cries.  Pretty much only when she's tired or hungry, mostly tired.  She is a mama's girl.  I'm enjoying that for the time being.

She has started to get super wiggly on the changing table.  That's not annoying at all.  She kicks her legs up and pulls on your hands with her hands.  I don't know if I noted it before, so I'm going to note it now so it makes it into her baby book when I finally do it, but when she was younger she would constantly cross her ankles when she was on the changing table.  All the time, her left ankle would cross over her right.  We would have to unwind them a lot during changing!  That is a sweet memory.  

She has lots of hair and so far no curls.  50/50 shot with that.  She is a beautiful baby and I am so glad she is ours.

Too much flash (squinty eyes!), but look at those beautiful sister smiles!  
Don't mind the mess ;)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

GLE Week 8 Q is for Quail

Curriculum found here.  This week we talked more about Moses.  He had a verrrry interesting life!  Lots to talk about.  We also talked about Qq and what sound it makes and what it looks like.  She knows all her capital letters and most of her sounds, so we just focus on the lowecase one most of the time.  Although sometimes for Q she said /k/ and sometimes for G she says /j/ which is especially tricky because sometimes G does make the J sound!

We had that little pheasant-I mean QUAIL, ahem- on her desk all week.  Pretty cute little guy (I assume it's male since it's tail is super colorful).  Got him at Hobby Lobby.


We painted with feathers and went out and tried to make our own bird nest.  I think we made the walls too thick because it took all week to dry out (we used mud) and then it wouldn't even hold together!  Them birds be smart.

Tot School Letter Bb!  He actually started saying /b/ by the end of the week.  Today I started to show him T and asked what sound it made and he said "/k/k/k/.../b/b/b/..." Pretty funny!  However those are the 2 sounds he has learned so far (C and B-we did do an Ii week, but he never even got close to understanding /i/i/i/) so I'm pretty impressed!

Playing in his pasta bin with ABC Find It from 1+1+1=1.  He does really well with that so we do it pretty much every week.  He is pretty limited in what he can do without getting super frustrated so we keep it simple around here for my little man!  A perfect example is the school bus craft from No Time for Flashcards.  DISASTER!  He had a total meltdown when I glued the pictures down.  He didn't want to color the bus and he got mad at me when I sang the wheels on the bus song.  So I did the craft without him and then he happily carried it around all day! :)  

One thing Mr. Man will do happily all day long is read.  Autumn crafts way more than him, but he reads way more than her so go figure!  So far, they both have a healthy dose of appreciation for books for which I am exceedingly happy about.  

Caleb's books focused on the /b/ sound and Autumn's were just bird books I had.  None of them fit the theme very well, but we made do. 

Friday, November 08, 2013

GLE Week 7 I is for Insect

This week for our bible study/preschool at home, we talked about Moses and the plagues.  Curriculum found here.

Only a couple of pictures this week!
Our 10 plagues index cards.  For the 5th plague (sick livestock) we ended up putting pictures of farm animals on it.  The bottom picture is some activities we did.  Both the iguana with the Avery stickers and the big I with the iguana's glued on it came from 1+1+1=1.  The dragonfly is a paint, cut, and glue from learncreatelove

Books about INSECTS! (or, bugs!)

  Tot school!  I tried to just go with whatever letter Autumn was working on (in this case, Ii).  I have now decided to work with him on letters he already knows or is somewhat familiar with (the letters of his name for example).
Painting an egg carton inchworm.  Some printables from 1+1+1=1 and The Mommy Teacher

We were putting Avery stickers on the igloo, but they ended up all over his legs! :)

Finding I books that feature the /i/ sound was a challenge for us.  We basically had no book focus this week.  He also didn't really get "I".  The whole point in doing things with him is simply for exposure though and now he does see letters and points them out so I know he is absorbing more than meets the eye.  I think in his head he believes he knows all the letters and they are all called "E" :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

GLE Week 6 "c" is for colors

Also, week 6 encompasses the story of Joseph and his beautiful (if problem causing) coat.  Curriculum found here.

Wearing her paper bag coat, retelling the story with her Joseph puppet, and some of the crafts we made. 
This child.  We mixed these one day and now she knows them.  Model student!

I thought I would also teach Caleb his letters along with Autumn (even though they have their learning times separately from each other).  Caleb is 22 months.  We learned all about what sound C makes!  All of the materials I used with him can be found at 1+1+1.  (LOVE that woman!)

Finding C words in a kidney bean sensory bin and some artwork

Even baby sister got in on the action! Yes she puts things in her mouth and yes I was watching her like a hawk. See my hand in the bottom of the picture? 

Literature for both kids!  Autumn's (left) goes mostly with the theme (colors) and Caleb's goes more for the letter sound. 

We decorated pumpkins this week and I thought it was funny there was a pumpkin for what both kids were leaning.  Caleb's has a big C on it and the pumpkin on the end has rainbow crayons melted all over it to emphasize colors!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

GLE Week 4 & 5

We are still using God's Little Explorers as our bible study every day.  It is wonderful!  We are also learning sight words using Reading the Alphabet.  We are going pretty slowly with this, but so far she has learned to read 3 sight words ;)

I am really no good at taking pictures.  For the last two weeks of our time together I have 5 pictures.  I got tired of documenting everything but then this week I decided it will come in handy when I got through it with Mr. Man so I started trying to take them again.

So, week 4 was z is for zoo (Noah's Ark).

I actually only took ONE picture this week, HAH!  Autumn and I (Autumn and I? No, it was just me.) found this online graphing game that she loved.  We actually found an entire mega pack and did quite a few things out of it.  Cutting and pasting, q-tip painting, and other fun stuff.  The picture on the left was just my big kiddos playing in the rain!  It seemed appropriate!

Week 5 was t is for tent (story of Abraham).

We set up our play tent and made a campfire and played with it all week!  This week was harder for Autumn to grasp for some reason.  I think trying to explain traveling around from place to place living in a tent all for the sake of obedience was just over her head a bit.  She loved the star crafts we did though!  You know that verse about Abraham having more descendants than stars in the sky?  That is the reason for the star crafts.

We are also practicing writing our last name.