Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bible Geek

I would like to become a Bible Geek. Tis true. I want to start a Bible Geek Club & have Bible Geek friends. I want to get together with these Bible Geek friends & talk about whatever book of the Bible we want to & talk about different theories & commentaries & what words mean & what it means for our lives presently. I don't want to take the Bible away from my heart & put it only in my brain or anything, I just want to study it more & be a geek about it. You know, like POUR over it & ABSORB it. My Bible reading is mostly very surface-y (hey-it's cool to make up words) & I'm tired of it! So my first step in this process is deciding to become a Bible Geek: check. Not sure what the next step is...maybe enlisting another person who would like to become a Bible Geek with me. Hmmm, this may be harder than I thought.