Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tea for Two

Tea shops are fun, no?  I have been to three and they are so girly and dainty and I just love them.  I guess I just like to pretend I'm Eliza Bennet sometimes...I've been known to do that more than once ;)

The first time I went to a tea shop was in Slovakia, Eastern Europe.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures.  That shop was so cool.  It had hundreds of tea flavors and they were organized by country.  It also had little trinkets and artifacts on these shelves that lined the walls.  It wasn't an open floor plan, but had all these little rooms where you felt like you were in an old house.  My favorite (can't remember the was 6 years ago!) was a creamy, sweet tea from Africa...I think ;)

The next tea shop I went to was with my mother-in-law and my husband's godmother. 
This shop was quite fancy.

I was 38 weeks preggo!

The tea I drank was called "Cranberry Autumn" appropriate since I was pregnant with "Autumn Grace"!

Just the other day my  mom and I visited my third tea shop.  We got my dad to baby-sit Caleb!  It actually went pretty well.  Autumn was in her last day of preschool that day so we wanted to take advantage of the toddler-free time.  

Mom got Rooibos African tea

I got Cranberry Apple.  Apparently, I like Cranberry Tea.  And, I really hate how totally posed this picture looks! I mean, it was totally posed, but I wish I looked more natural like my mom in the above picture. 

Lunch.  Soup, fruit, little tea sandwiches (which were amazing), and 5 little baby desserts.  Yummo!

My mom hates this picture

The lady said this tea (the Africa Rooibos my mom drank) is good for milk supply and as that is an area I consistently struggle with, I thought I might as well try it!

If my husband and I ever have thousands of dollars to burn, I would love to open up my own tea shop!  I think that sounds so magical.  I think "Tea for Two" would be a really cute name :) 

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mama said...

Thank you Meghan for exposing the fact that I hate that picture! I hate it because I look so large(and I am)...but I propose to do something about it starting in July. Sooooooo...the next time you're in Knoxville and we have time for "Tea at the Gallery", I will have another picture taken, and I will be THINNER! We really did have a lovely time...