Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Zoo with Uncle Brian

My brother came to visit.  My daughter loves her Uncle Brian and her Aunt Kelly (my siblings).  My sister came to visit awhile back and I hardly got any pictures of her :(  I used to be really good at taking lots of pics, but now it seems like there is always a baby or toddler in my arms!  With Brian here, we went to the zoo so I was very intentional about taking pictures while we there and we got some good ones.

Soooo cute!!

Caleb didn't love the zoo, but he did eventually fall asleep ;)

Watching the prairie dogs

Ok, I really don't get why people take pictures of the animals at the zoo and/or aquarium.  I mean, what do they do with them?  I get why  kids take pictures as it's all new and exciting for them, but I will probably take my kids to the zoo at least 10 times (or many more!) before they grow up.  I guess taking pictures of the animals just isn't for me.  That being said, I love this one of the elephant! ;)

Now, taking pictures of animals with people standing in front of them makes perfect sense to me!  By the way, I love this one!   

Cute picture, but you can't tell what we're riding!  

Surprise! It was a camel :)

One of the many creative attempts I made to get Caleb to sleep...he finally fell asleep when I walked away from him and left him with my parents! Of course he did! Crazy kid.


My dad took a bunch of pictures of us on the carousel, but this was my favorite.   It wasn't posed at all and she looks so grown up! Riding all by herself, gosh.  Plus, if you squint it does kind of look like a real giraffe!

It was a very fun day and I am so glad we went.  Autumn had a BLAST.  Seeing her interact with my brother did make me miss Chris quite a bit.  The good news is we are off to Germany in 2 weeks and he will  join us there shortly after.  The bad news is that to get there we have to travel by car and plane for 15 hours.  Oi, my head aches just thinking about it.  We have not had the easiest journeys transatlantic thus far.  See The Move Across The Pond and The Long Trip Over Part One  and Part Two to see why I'm so scared! 

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