Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Learning is Fun! Puzzles

I know, I know, the only thing I'm consistent in is being inconsistent!! I'm trying :-P

Puzzles are awesome for kids. Did you know that? They have to think (that certainly never hurts), they have to match, they have to use their fingers to work the pieces in correctly. I'm no teacher and I'm no doctor, but I am a mom and I can tell you that puzzles are a very good thing to work on with your children. There are all sorts of puzzles! Colors, numbers, animals, shapes, body parts, etc. Autumn is 23 months old and she is getting really good at (peg, not jigsaw) puzzles. I can't remember when we first started working on them, but I know that she wasn't very good in the beginning. I try to bust out our puzzles once a week and we always have two just out in the family room if she wants to do them. I know that not all kids love puzzles, but if your child is willing to sit down and work a puzzle, encourage that! I think they are awesome. Here's a pic of my precious girl doing a magnet puzzle and some other ones as well.

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