Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Haps

Weeeeeeeell, not much has been going on lately. 

I still want to have another baby really bad.  One of my BFF's is pregnant & wouldn't it be great to be pregnant with her?  (Maybe not the best reason to get pregnant, but still).  One of my other friends just brought home twin girls & I am green with envy.  (Really, ask Hubby).  However, last night I laid in bed at 11pm & tried to imagine those first few days when you get no sleep & I was thankful that Baby Girl is sleeping better...although STILL not sleeping thru the night!  I guess she'll figure it out eventually.  She sleeps thru the night anywhere from 2-4 times a week.
As far as getting pregnant, me & Hubby discussed it 2 nights ago & figured out different scenerios & we have decided that unless God deems otherwise we are going to wait.  Mostly, because if I got pregnant now, the baby would be born in Germany & we would rather wait until we are back in the states (well, me at least.  Hubby will probably be deployed somewhere.  *sniffle*).

Last night we had a meat salesman stop by at our house.  Seriously.  Even more random, we bought $85 worth of meat!  It's a lot of steaks though for about $3 a pop.  Hope it tastes good!  I didn't even know door to door salespeople even existed still.  Kids, sure...but like adults trying to make a living, I thought those professions had died out.  But, what do I know? 

My goals are going pretty good.  I am definitely reading more to Baby Girl.  I finished my Bible Study scrapbook.  I am not doing so hot with the non-fiction & reading news articles, but I am still trying.  Working out is kind of hit or miss week to week.  I will say my stomach is starting to shrink so I must be doing something right.  I can fit into all of my jeans, but a couple of them look painted on :)  Hubby likes those ;)

My sis came & visited us which was fun. 

Yeah, that's about all!  Like I said, not much happening :) 
Now, if you were interested in what is going on in the literary world, we could probably talk for hours! 

Sunday, August 01, 2010

August Goals

I like 'em.  I'm a goal kinda girl.  And, this month, I've got lots. 
But I'm excited to try to attack them & make them submit :)  Some of my daily goals are....

1.) To read a Yahoo News Article every day.  Just one a day.  No biggie.  Problem is that I am not into the news.  Which isn't a problem for everyone, but it is for me.  Because I want to know what's going on in my country & around the world.  I think it's important.  I want to be able to hear an Obama speech & know what the heck he's talking about.  So one news article a day for now.  For August at least...

2.) To make my bed. Every day. Pretty self-explanatory I think.

3.) To take 20 mins every day to read non-fiction.  You see, there are lots of non-fiction books I want to read (books like...You on a Diet, Becoming Babywise, Super Baby Food).  I'm really good at buying them, but not so good at reading them.  I am making progress...just not the progress I want.  And, no time is not an issue.  I read 13 fiction books this month.  No joke.  13.  I counted them.

4.) To spend some intimate time with God each day.  Not massive amounts, just some.  Shouldn't be too hard.  Shouldn't being the key phrase here.

5.) To read to Baby Girl 20  mins a day.  I cannot tell you how many articles I have read that emphasize the importance of reading to your baby.  I really really really want this one to happen.  The roadblock with this one is that baby books are just boring.  But I guess I better get over it since I will be reading them for a long long time.  I dont know any kids that read James Patterson :)

Then I have a couple of weekly goals...

1.) Exercise 3x a week.  Right now, I am getting in 1-2 workouts.  Time to step it up!!

2.) Scrapbook 2hours a week.  2 hours a week!! That's nothing! I mean, come on!  I am ridiculous.  There are several scrapbooks waiting on me.  My bible study scrapbook (50% finished), my STINT scrapbook from 2006 (75% finished), my army scrapbook (haven't started yet), mmm...that's it I think.  And, NO, I am not going to start a scrapbook for Baby Girl.  An 18-year project?? No thank you.  You did see where I haven't finished the one from 2006, right?  I try not to make unrealistic goals, so Baby Girl is only getting a photo album.  If I ever have copious amounts of time & creativity, I'll scrapbook her life then.

All that's left is cleaning goals which I wont bore you with.  Here's to a productive August!!

*A derogatory comment about Hugh Hefner has been removed (in case you saw some of the comments reference it).  I removed it because God told me to :)