Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's a...


Now we just need a name for this little feller

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What do you think we are having???

We will hopefully find out any week now, fingers crossed!  So, what do you think?!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Countdown is On

We will soon be returning to America to visit family and then Hubby will return to Germany before deploying and I will stay in sweet sweet Tennessee.  Ahhhh, Tennessee.  I just love that word :)

Mostly, I'm freaking out because we have so much to do! I am mailing boxes back and trying to pack and trying to clean and do laundry and also don't forget I am taking care of a 14-month-old all day long! Plus I'm pregnant so not exactly at the top of my game.  One day at a time, right? 

I'm also freaking out about the trip home with our girl.   In case you missed the post about the trip over here, here you go: The Move Across The Pond.
It was, in a word, terrible.  And I am afraid events are going to repeat themselves.  They can't be that bad again, can they?  I refuse to re-read that post because I'm already worried about it and if I re-read it then it will just make things worse.   Babies are wonderful, but oh. my. word. they sure can run you through the ringer. 

In other news, I made finger puppets yesterday :)  I thought someone would be more impressed than she was, but oh well. She almost decapitated the butcher.  So now she can only play with the baker and the candlestick maker.

Alright, getting hungry.  It's time for second breakfast.  Actually, its lunchtime! I missed second breakfast today.  Dang!  Second breakfast is one of the major perks of being pregnant :)

Hope everyone has a great whatever today is! I'm off to eat and to pack!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'll Tell You a Secret

Or maybe five since I don't have anything else to blog about.

1.) I eat capers. Straight from the jar.  By the forkful.  I've done it for years. YUM.

2.) I love love love Jimmy Buffet music!  I don't love country and I don't love island music, but I love his music!  Wish I could see him in concert.  That would be awwwwwwesome.

3.) I used to write poetry.  For some reason, that embarrasses me, but I probably have at least 200 poems I've written.

4.) I love being a mom and will stay home as long as I'm able, but I reeeeally miss working.  Like, as soon as all my kids are in school (ha! about 8-10 years from now maybe?), I will be getting a part time job even if it pays minimum wage.

5.) At least one day a week I don't get out of my PJ's until my husband texts me that he's on his way home.  Well, maybe one day every two weeks :)

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Boy or Girl?

I know, I know, you aren't supposed to care.  That is the PC answer, isn't it?  Someone asks you, "Do you want a boy or girl?" and your response is, "Oh, we don't care, we just want a healthy baby". 

Well, of course, I want a healthy baby.  Who in their right mind wouldn't want a healthy baby??  And, having lost a baby several months ago (via miscarriage), I know how it feels to pray and to know that the priority of all your wants is a healthy baby from day one.  

So, while in the depths of my heart, I really don't care what the sex of our baby is and all I really want is a healthy one, the more shallow waters of my heart want a girl.  A sweet, chubby baby girl.  

My first pregnancy I didn't really ever process what I wanted because Hubs wanted a boy so bad he couldn't see straight.  Not kidding.  So when we found out it was a girl, his reaction was dissapointment and I cried the entire way home from the doctor.  Not because I didn't want a girl, but because he was so sad about it.  Then my tears turned from sad tears to angry tears at the way he was acting and we talked about it and he got over it.  And, now, of course, he is is totally in love with his daughter.  

So I think the first time I kind of wanted a  boy for him.  And, now, funny as this is, he kind of wants a girl for me.  We are truly in love ;)  We just really like the idea of sisters and we already have a girl name picked out!  For boy names, we got nothin'. Big fat nothin'.  Plus, we know (in as much as we can know obviously) that this will not be our last child so there's always a chance for a boy next time. 

We have an appointment next week and I hope we find out!  It's still really early (I'll be 15 weeks next week), but we are praying that Hubs will find out before he deploys, which is right around the corner. 

As soon as we get the word, we'll share the exciting news!