Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

Look at my haul!! I was SHOCKED to get so many gifts!  Shocked and totally delighted.  Hubs sent me those beautiful tulips, my sweet MIL sent me a "Party Cake" cookbook, a cake decorating set, and pretty cupcake liners, and my mama gave me cookie cooling racks (which I have wanted a long time).  I also got a Sesame Street greeting card :)

Me with the babies

3 generations of women.  Me and mom look quite a lot alike, Autumn is still deciding who she wants to look like...so far it's daddy ;)  
And, since I love to look backwards as much as forwards, here you go... 

Didn't want to leave Papa Buzz out of the picture taking!

And since I'm a proud mama, here's a video of my baby boy rolling over for those who are interested.  He started rolling front to back when he was about 2 months old (seriously!) and he finally learned how to roll the other way so I'm pretty excited about it!

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