Tuesday, August 22, 2006


west virginia: wild, wonderful...kind of like the people that live here ;-)

well, the very best places to visit in west virginia are taylor books, ritter park, top spot (laundry mat/diner:) i am serious), & the hayes palace.
the very best things to do in west virginia are riding a 4-wheeler, seeing old friends & making new ones, eating delicious pancakes made by a pro ;), & ordering pizza that only girls will eat.
& the very best compliment to receive in west virginia is "i like your teeth"-(really!!)

i can't wait till i can return!

so now i am technically cheating, but i had to squish west virginia with kentucky because i am such a busy(& lazy) girl!
kentucky was awesome. i saw my old friend fancy & met her roommate & new beau. we went & saw lady in the water & ate indian food which made me think of my old roommate poonam :)
i created some memories & caught up with one of the most important people in my life (albeit different ;) if you know me & you know fancy, you know what i mean).

anyway, fun fun fun. i should be returning to kentucky again hopefully before 2006 runs out!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


pittsburgh is like another planet. my dad grew up in a little tiny town outside of pittsburgh. they say things like "mummy" instead of "mommy" & "unge" instead of "orange". they call bologna sandwiches jumbo sandwiches & drink beer called "iron city" or "stoney's" (sugar free/salt free brew!!).
my family here is so genuinely kind. they just open up their home & feed us & hang out with us & just love us. i have 2 little girl cousins here that are albino blond! so cute. maddison (2 years old) laughs hysterically everytime she lets go of her purple balloon & i grab it before it hits the ceiling. which of course sends me into giggles & the cycle never stops.
my dad acts like he doesn't like this place or he doesn't like coming back here, but he SO does. today we went & saw his old house & his old high-school. he only talks about his life here when we are actually here. i dont know why.
we arrived here by way of route 66 :) i am getting tired of traveling though! just a couple more days before i am back in beautifully sweet tennessee :)