Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Californ-I-A :)

Home Sweet Home at last. Is it always good to come home? I can't remember. My dog & my cat missed me. They keep fallin (I really just wrote that!!!-I mean FOLLOWING) me around the place.

Cali was fun...here's a run-down w/ some pics.

Day One: after an extremely long day of travel, i met up with kelly at the san diego airport. then we traveled (courtesy of roxie), on to la jolla to check into the hotel. a fancy hotel that gives you robes :) check it out:
pretty sweet.
that night, all 17 of us (seriously, 17) ate outdoors at this italian place i think. i got soup & salad...for $30! for real.

Day Two: got my very 1st pedicure-blue toenails! how fun it was.

then we had a picnic on the beach...but it was actually on grass next to the beach as you can see:
Post lunch, we got yummy frozen yogurt. i got blackberry yogurt with blackberries:

mmm, mmm
Day Three: San Diego trip. 1st the Harbor Cruise:

Here is a pic of a medic ship-it holds over 1,000 beds! I think that's pretty rad.

After the cruise, we went to Seaport Village for some lunch & shopping & I bought this totally awesome pillow:

We took a "pedi-cab" back to the car-it was so fun!

Me on the pedi-cab :)

That night we went out for suishi & sake...sadly, i have no pictures from that night :(

Day Four: mom get's her 1st pedicure ever-pink toenails!

Then we all went to the Aquarium...such fun.

whew-that was scary!! we look pretty happy, but we're just good actors.
Post Aquarium, we went to an outdoor concert. I danced & everything-i must have been feeling quite brave :) 

That night we ate Mexican food & I caught a red-eye flight out of San Diego at 2300. Good trip, glad to be back home :)

Here's a funny set of pictures...it looks like Margaret is telling Emily a secret & that it made her crack up :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


i know that i shouldn't really think that calling wednesday "humpday" is funny, but i do. call me juvenile if you must.

last day in huntington. i'm going to charleston this evening to spend the night with the in-laws. super early 2morr i am going to the airport headed for california (if you say it like matthew mcconaughey in that movie he was in with bill murray it's way more fun)! i am meeting my sista at the san diego airport & hopefully some kind soul will give us a lift to la jolla. my mom & her crazy friends are are bringing their daughters for a vaca :) fun.

bridal shower last night was tons of fun. i always have more fun at other people's parties than my own because i hate all the attention. i wonder if jennifer thought it was fun. hope so. here's a few pics:

so today i am packing, running to campus to get my camera from becca cuz i left it at her place last night, dropping bella off at club pet to be boarded, going to target to buy some shorts, & getting a calling card to mail to hubby so we can talk. busy day-better get started :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

wow, monday again. they just keep on coming...

worked again-busy day. on my way to work, i saw a cute little bunny. so sweet. you can try to see it in the picture below, but it's pretty itty bitty.

after work i went to kroger & there was this guy in a white t-shirt that looked a little bit like my honey, but nowhere near as hot.

at kroger i bought some stuff for strawberry shortcake for a bridal shower i'm going to tomorrow night & some new dog toys!! yay for dog toys!

the hedgehog on the right is bella's favorite. we can say "go get your hedgehog" & she actually will!! she's so smart. she's already destroyed 2 of them.
watched 2 more episodes of army wives, ate leftovers & was also super productive according to meg standards. not only did i empty 3 of our garbage cans, i vacuumed & then proceeded to rinse out the filter. oh yes, i am so learning how to clean :)

bella is still pacing waiting for hubby to get home. i just do not satisfy. she keeps looking out the window :) poor girl.

then dawnage called me. here's my favorite pic of her:

& here's a better one:
Dawnage is so great. i miss her.
my baby just called. hey baby :) today is the last day he will have use of his cell phone. so sad, but so true.
went outside with bella to try to wear her butt out. a very hard task indeed. aunt betty gave her more treats & informed me that tomorrow is her birthday so i suppose i need to think of a treat to give her...
came back inside. called sweet linda & talked to her while i did dishes (more productiveness points!) & then i noticed a pile of wet soggy aparagus on the floor. i almost took a picture but didn't so really, you ought to feel lucky. upon observation (lucky for bella i observed before i yelled) i discovered it was not asparagus but grass. still gross. it's still lying there...
no, i'm kidding! i promise i cleaned it up :)

next up...books!!! i've been productive enough for some reading time, right? here are my lovely books. dont tell ashley, but pendragon is way better :)

love you baby. wish you were here so i could tell you about my books cuz they are way cool.

by the way, i'm so tired of kate plus eight or whatever that i could practically vomit at the checkout line. are we really so pathetic that we must obsess over their lives? if people are so interested in infidelity they ought to look around because it's happening everywhere.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

for Hubby

SO, Hubby left today. it was bright & early this morning & in my sleepy state, i told him that i would keep my blog updated...prolly not daily, but that's a nice goal to shoot for. he wants to stay involved. i missed him quite a lot today.

here goes

post airport, i drove to work crying (just a bit honey, i wasn't being a hazardous driver, i promise!). nothing much happened at work, pretty slow day. i came home on my lunch break to find destruction in my home, courtesy of bella. see below:

so i yelled at her. then i forgave her. then i went back to work. it was during this time that i especially missed hubby as i dont do as well as him with destruction of our home.

after work, i came home, checked my email & read a bit of a book called "Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife". i also drank a cherry coke (thanks babe).

then bella & i went outside to play chase while i picked up her piles of excrement. again, missing hubby as picking up waste typically falls under his realm of duties. next, we went on an uneventful, but very hot walk.

came home, made dinner "fettucine with vegetables & proscuitto". see below:

again, missed hubby because i wanted to show him that the word proscuitto does in fact exist. the man at wal-mart said he'd never heard of it before! can you believe it?? come on people. well, dinner was alright-i give it a 7. i wanted to ask hubby if he thought that the asparagus was rotten, but of course he wasn't there & of course i used it anyway & of course it was gross & so of course i had to hand-pick out every single piece.

now, i'm watching season one, episode two of army wives. interesting...very interesting...& prolly not at all realistic.
once again, missing hubby.

aw man, bella wants to play again. that's hubby's job :)
play we did. back outside to play chase some more (the more worn out she is, the better quality of sleep i get) & to talk to "aunt betty". whilst talking to aunt betty, i was gifted two mosquito bites. & i'm pretty sure bella got one too.

henceforth, the rest of this post will be pure speculation.
so after playing with bella outside, i brushed my teeth, climbed into bed with another book "Pendragon: Book 1" (because as much as i love darcy & elizabeth, i can only take so much-you did notice whilst & henceforth, right?) & finally fell asleep lonely.

miss you baby