Monday, May 21, 2012


Love it.  Don't get to eat it very often because A.) Kids, duh. B.) Not Chris's favorite. C.) Expensive, duh.

However, seeing as we have sushi-loving company in town, I sushi-d out last night.  And, seeing how my mom and dad don't like sushi, I had built in baby sitters! Weeeeee!!

Seaweed Salad.  This was a delicious first for me.

My brother and my Aunt

My uncle and myself

Sushi!!!! Yum Yum Yum

It was fun.  Unfortunately, Caleb did not do so good without his mommy.  He actually did really well until bedtime and then he cried quite a bit.  So when I got home I nursed him and he cried some more.  So I decided hey, since he's up anyway, let's give him a bath. The kiddos got a joint bath and then I fed him  again and he still cried, but not for long!  So both of the kids were finally in bed around 9pm...which is not normal for them or ideal, but, hey, it happens :)

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