Thursday, March 03, 2011

Bucket List

I found another thing for my bucket list.  I wonder how do-able (is that a word?) one's bucket list is supposed to be.  I wonder if people put things they really want to do, but probably may never or if they put things they probably could do if they tried hard enough. 

Well, today, mine (hopefully) falls in the latter category.  I want to be a better housekeeper.  I have several things going against me in this goal.  Main one being my personality.  I am Type B (is there a Type B?  I only ever hear about Type A, but I assume there is a B as well?).  I am a laid back chica mostly.  There a few things that I'm particular about...but, you know what, not one thing is coming to mind!  Hmmmm...I bet my husband could tell you something I'm anal about, but I can't think of anything.  I'm anal about not pumping my own gas! :):) Jokes! Just jokes.

Yes....back to that which is against me in reaching my goal.  I did not have chores as a child.  I thank you, mama, for always taking care of me, but now I don't make my bed.  Or vacuum.  Or scrub floors.  I do, however, do the laundry!  I also wash dishes every day.  I guess everyone does, but man, never ending dishes! (It also needs to be said that I take good care of my daughter.  She is not as neglected as my bed)

Also, I am self-indulgent.  Oh yes, I do not have that problem some people have of "never sitting still".  I can sit still and read for 5 hours.  No problem.  I actually do feel guilty when I do that, but apparantly not guilty enough to get my bum off the couch. 

So, what's a girl to do?  This week I have made small strides.  One "area" at a time seems to be working for me.  A room is to big of a goal so I have been focusing on "areas".  Judge me if you will...but know that the Bible tells you not to judge anyone ;)  On Tuesday, I cleaned the toilets (BOTH of them).  Wednesday, I kicked some butt in the foyer and cleaned the floors and put everything away and cleaned the rest of the downstairs bathroom (it took me at least an hour).  Today I cleaned off our dining room table which was covered in Ka-Rap.  So far, this is the best method I've come up with for myself. 

However, I am hoping one day to be more like my Fancy Bestie who keeps a perfect home :) I don't know that I'll ever get there, but...maybe?  :)


Anonymous said...

Check out She has baby steps to a cleaner house. And your floors DO look amazing, so good job :)) If dear husband was gone more, I'd clean less ;) so don't feel bad!

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