Monday, March 21, 2011

Room by Blessed Room

Up today: Foyer and Entryway...seriously one of most exciting rooms in the house.  (Sarcasm in case you missed that).

Here is what you see when you walk in the front door (kitchen on left, living room on right, 1/2 bathroom straight ahead).  That picture on the floor will soon be on the wall.  And, unfortunately, that stuff under the stairs has to stay there until I hang up more pictures, make a goodwill/thrift store drop off, and find somewhere to dump a broken microwave

There is our front door :)  If it looks funny, that is because there is a front door with a little room with a shoe rack and a closet for coats and then another set of glass doors leading into the foyer

1/2 bath
View from the top of the stairs
And, this, dear readers, is our "totally awesome window" that of course is too high for me to clean but it is so cool!  When I walk down the hall at night I can look at the stars through it.  Many trips to the bathroom get postponed due the the distraction :)

So, today I swept, mopped, did the windows, mirrors, and dusted this part of the house.  I have already done 1/2 of the downstairs and 2 out of 8 rooms in the entire house.  Not too shabby.  Actually, if you know me, you know that is really quite excellent :)  Next I think I am going to do Baby Girl's room.  I am leaving the really hard rooms until the know I'm trying to do strenth training (people who work out: does that make sense?  I kind of just heard that term somewhere but am not sure what it means! :):):) )

I know this post is kinda boring, but I spent time cleaning so I had to show off.  Plus, no one has seen our place so I can't leave out the boring parts!


Paula Kathlyn said...

I think your foyer has a nice, clean contemporary style to it! Very open and nice :)

Karole said...

looks very clean!