Sunday, March 06, 2011

Blog Challenge:Day 1

Ok, during my routine blog jumping today, I found a fun blog challenge that I am going to attempt to take part of for 30 days.  Here is how my jumping went today: 

First, I went to Kathlyn's blog.  She linked to Amy, who then linked to Jessica who had the blog challenge!  So it's 30 days of pictures to post and/or stories to tell.  Some days I may post twice, some days I may *ahem* skip. 

Here's Day One: A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was

This is a picture of me and one of my 2 friends in Germany :)  It was taken on New Years Eve.

Today I woke up, or rather, I was woken up by my sweet Hubby at 7:45.  Sweet Baby Girl followed suit and re-woke me up at 8.  So I nursed Baby Girl (these days will be over so soon. sad face) and then went downstairs to feed her breakfast (yogurt, tahini, and squash).  Put Baby Girl in her pack n' play while the Hubs and I read our bibles and drank coffee and hot tea (coffee for me, tea for him).  Gave Baby Girl a bottle and put her down for nap #1.  Hubs took a shower while I picked up the living room. 

After his shower, Hubs started to pack because he went to the field for the week.  While he did that, I made a birthday sign for one of his army buddies whose birthday is today.  Who, by the way, is turning 23.  Yes, he is just a wee babe ;-)  He has a little flat screen in his bedroom and he told me and Hubs that he had it since High School.  Ummmm, flat screens didn't even exist when I was in High School! 

At 11:30 I woke up Baby Girl and fed her some lunch (cereal, squash, and some turkey sticks) and another bottle.  Then Hubs and I went over to army buddy's place to hang up birthday sign and drop off a chocolate cake I made last night.  He wasn't at home so we had to get creative.   Well, if you can call leaving it on the porch creative :)

Dropped Hubs off at work at 1pm and headed back home.  Flitted around the computer a bit while Baby Girl played in the floor.  At 2, I put her down for nap #2.  Then, I folded some laundry, watched some Friends that my mom sent me, and flitted around on the computer some more. 

Woke Baby Girl up at 4:15pm (that kid loves to sleep!).  She got a bottle and then played on the floor some more.  I played with her and also read a little bit.  Fed her dinner at 5 (cheese, apple puffs, banana).  Fixed myself some dinner while she was eating (chicken on the George and couscous).  Gave Baby Girl a bath and then went downstaits to watch some more Friends.  Gave Baby Girl her fourth and final bottle.

At 7, got a text from Hubby asking if I could come get him.  Bundled up Baby Girl and went and picked him up (which I was really excited about because I thought it meant he was spending the night at home.  Nope.  I was wrong).  He just had to run home and get something and then he took the car back. 

Nursed Baby Girl and put her to bed and now I'm doing this!  After this I will probably watch some more Friends, read some more and go to sleep.  :)

Ah, the life of a rock star.

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