Sunday, February 27, 2011

Winter Mornings

This morning, I actually got out of bed before my daughter, which, let me tell you, is a shocker. I am so lazy that most mornings, I most definitely lay there and soak up as much sleep as possible even if it's not needed.  Seriously, sometimes I sleep for 10 hours.  But my husband is never here and I only have 2 friends, so what else am I gonnna do?

Anyway, back to this morning.  I went to brush my porcelain beauties and looked out the window and the world is covered in white.  Snow.  I thought maybe we were done with that business but I guess God has other plans.  Instead of groaning, I just enjoyed it.  It really so pretty with the snow and the "naked" trees.  If you are a Yahoo fan maybe you have seen that picture of the robin in the snow on the "Most Emailed Photos" tab.  (I just love that tab by the way).  I saw that this morning! Except it wasn't a robin, it was this pretty black bird with a white belly. 

Lately, I have not taken the time to enjoy life.  I have been stressed or self-indulgent.  I have been lonely and too worried to notice what's outside my window.  My daughter can always make me laugh and mostly cheer me up, but other than her, I have not noticed God's blessings around me.  (For the record, my husband can also cheer me up, but he's never here).  Now I am not going to go so far as to say snow is a blessing, but beautiful quiet mornings are a gift and  a blessing. 

So, maybe today YOU can take the time to "smell the roses" and find an unexpected/unusual blessing and tell me about it!  I would love to hear about your blessings! :)

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Anonymous said...

Where is this most emailed photos tab?