Thursday, March 17, 2011

To finish or not to finish

It's not actually a debate.  I am not finishing the blog challenge.  You know those people who say "Once I start a book (or a movie or a project or whatever), I have to finish it"?  I am not one of those people.  I used to be that person in high-school.  It seems the older I get, the more laid back I get.  Is that backwards or normal I wonder.  Anyway, I am that person no more and the Blog Challenge is now dead. 

In it's place is Joy of Luck.  Maybe you heard about Joy of Love going on back in February?  I did not partake in that (a month is too long of a commitment for me).  However, the Joy of Luck is only a week...I think.  Something like that.  Basically, you get daily emails from Kelly McWillette of Willette Designs. Within these emails are prompts to photograph different aspects of your life.  If you want to join in, here is the link: Joy of Luck.

Now, I have to forwarn you that I am a really bad photographer.  I take good pictures of people smiling at the camera and that is it.  I am not creative nor do I understand lighting or angles.  So, now that you've been forwarned, I hope your expectations are nice and low. 

Joy of Luck, Day One Prompt: What inanimate object/thing/concept is something that you take for granted on a daily basis? What would someone who is not as fortunate as you are say about your “luck” to have such a thing in your life? Think about your blessings today – (don’t focus on people for this one…that will come later)…focus on opportunity/experience/something you have/do EVERYDAY that is an unforeseen blessing in your life. Key word : GIFT

Kelly always shows you her photo as well to give you an idea I suppose.  She showed a picture of a book to represent her education.  I also have a picture of a book, which I did not steal from her.  As soon as I read the first sentence and before I saw her picture, I knew I would choose books.  It does kind of look like her picture, but that can't be helped.   I took several pictures and this one was the best one. 

Here are some my failings:

So, books.  I am basically obsessed.  I read every day and could read all day if given the chance.  I watch TV while I eat and fold clothes.  Any other free time, I read.  Books are my escape which is sometimes bad, but not so bad that it is an issue.  I never ignore the Hubs or the Baby to read.  I am pretty anal about putting my family before my books.  I learned that lesson already when me and Hubby first got married ;-)  Having the ability to read, for me, is absolutely priceless.  It is something I take for granted, but if it was taken away, my heart would seriously break. No joke.
Ok, Joy of Luck done.  Now I am going to post a picture of books just because I want to. 

Starting in the top left position going clockwise we have:
Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare (I am a sucker for Fiction)
all of Jane Austen's novels (that is the English major in me escaping)
The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie (one of the three books I'm currently reading)
Five Silly Monkeys (Baby Girl's current favorite)
Adam Bede by George Elliot (one of my favorite "classics")
Extraordinary Parents by Lynn Fielding (I devour parenting books)

And, last but not least I will leave you with a picture of Baby Girl because she is SO DANG CUTE (If I were a cussing girl I would say the bad D word because she really is friggin' adorable).


Mama said...

Ah grew up with parents who love to read, and love books. One parent reads books that challenge intelligence and require deep thought...the other parent likes mysteries, "beach books", Amish fiction, and other light-hearted takes all kinds. I will try to talk Dad into reading Amish fiction...HAHAHA!!!

Karole said...

I like books like your Mama. Autumn looks sooo tall! She looks as tall as Isaac! How tall is she?