Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I should have been born Amish

Yesterday morning me and Baby Girl took a walk and my breath was literally taken away as we rounded the corner to a display of God's Glory.  The German countrysde is beautiful.  I think we stood there staring at the fields with the sun rising and the mountains in the background for at least 10 minutes.  I just could not get over it.  It looked like a Norman Rockwell painting.  Anyway, it reminded me of olden days which makes me think of the Amish and whenever I think of the Amish I always think "I should have been born Amish".  I think about the simplicity of their life and it seems so peaceful.

And, I know, I would miss things.  I would really miss my dishwasher.  I would miss music and my fiction books.  I would miss Felicity :)  If you never had any of that stuff then you wouldn't miss it though, right? My confession of the day is that I am jealous of the Amish.  Maybe you think they get bored, but they live in a community where there is always someone to talk to or chores to do.  Not to mention that I have a computer and  TV and an almost one-year-old and I stay bored most of the time.  In fact I am extremely bored right now which is why I am writing about wishing I was Amish :)


poole party said...

you are hilarious! i, too, see the appeal to being amish :)

Stacey said...

I think I should've been born in the 50's. Or at a time when my family values jived more with the worlds. But I envy the simplicity of the amish sometimes too. I think (I hope) I would be perfectly content to downsize by half and just enjoy life more instead of being chained to a paycheck. Blugh.

I'm glad you're finding some joy in Germany. I'm jealous of your German countryside! OH, and I might have a book to mail you about the Amish!!! It's been in the building though, so its kind of gross, but totally readable. So I'll be needing your address. Not here though, obviously.

Karole said...

Well, you know I am a fan of the Amish! Lets take a girls (and babies?) trip to Amish country this fall! Wouldn't that be fun? I love the idea of being Amish because everyone woman gets to be a stay at home mom.