Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Yes, who doesn't like kisses?  Kisses are wonderful, no? 

Well, my daughter, who has not even turned one yet, is stingy with her kisses.  I mean, she shouldn't be Little Miss Independence yet, right???  That is down the road a bit I thought!

Oh, she knows how to give kisses.  And if I harass her enough, she will give me one.  The other day I left her with a friend for a few minutes and when I came back she laid one on me as if to say "I missed you mommy".  BUT, she doesn't freely give them to me :(  To which her daddy says "good girl, never kiss anyone". 

Sheesh.  Babies are only babies for about 5 minutes

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Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Some days I literally ache for Abby to just lay and cuddle with me. We used to cuddle. I've got dozens of pictures to prove it. But now that she's four, "I don't cuddle anymore mommy." Boo.