Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Thanksgiving this year was very army-ish.  It wasn't bad at all & honestly, I'm kind of glad it happened the way it did because it absolutely sums up our life right now. It is a really ususual, but fun memory. 

We are, as you know, living in a hotel in Germany while we wait for our new awesome apartment to get finished (only about a week left of waiting!).  In our room there is only a microwave & a mini fridge, but our friend's room has an actual stove.  I guess a dog trumps a baby in determining who gets the penthouse :)  We were originally going to spend Turkey Day in Prague, but at the last minute changed or minds & our friends invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner in their room.  We brought a pumpkin pie, vanilla ice cream, some wine, & bread (all bought of course!).  They provided turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, gravy, & bread as well.  It was sooooo yummy!  Baby Girl had sweet potatoes for the first time & loved them (later, she threw them up, but she loved them at first).  She wore her "First Thanksgiving" bib & was decked out in her cute fall clothes :)  It is such a fun memory!  After we fed Baby Girl we put her on the bed & let her play while we enjoyed our adult meal.  She was perfect!  Just played by herself while we ate.  We had such a good time. 

The next morning, we caught a train to Prague which was amazing as ever.  We just love that city!  It was different being there with a baby, but she was, once again, perfect!  We stayed right dowtown about a 5-minute walk from the Charles Bridge so when it was naptime we just went home & let her nap & then back out again.  We had delicious food, went to the Christmas market, had warm mulled wine, & roasted chestnuts while surrounded by Christmas lights & American Christmas carols!  It was amazing & I loved it.  It was COLD, but we all dressed appropriately & stayed comfortable.  We have this snowsuit for Baby Girl & it is hilarious.  We call her the "pink marshmellow" or the "toasted marshmellow" :)  It didn't matter how cold it got outside, when we took her out of that thing she was toasty warm! It's magical.  The only thing that got cold on her was her nose :) 

Note that this was the ONLY color they offered so although Pepto Bismal is not my favorite color, it was our only option.  I told Hubby I'm glad we have a girl because they seriously did not offer anything else at the PX.  But Baby Girl looks stinkin' adorable even in Pepto Bismal pink :)

Hat & coffee are a must!

A happy duo :)
Our favorite Eastern European candy!!


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michelle said...

I LOVE the picture of her in that snow suit :)

Karole said...

I love your family Thanksgiving Day pic! So good of all of you! Sounds like special memories. Miss you!!!!!!!!!