Friday, June 04, 2010

The Abundant Life

So, I started a new bible study about the Holy Spirit.  I needed to have something to do every day! I'm not so good at "self-study" :) 

Anyway, the author told me to "talk with God today about your life.  Ask Him to give you real and abundant life".  Okay, I can talk to God about that. 

But, I have no idea what "abundant life" looks like in Oklahoma with a newborn, a dog, a cat, & a soldier.  What should I be striving for & if I don't know what to be striving for, how will I get there?  Does abundant life look like serving others or seriously studying God's word?  Or maybe it looks like being a supportive wife?  Or Mommy-extradinaire?  How do I KNOW what abundant life for me looks like? 

I tell God all the time that I want to live out my personal motto since becoming a mommy: "Don't just survive, but thrive".  But again, I don't know what thriving looks like.  Maybe it's not crying every day or laughing more or being organized & keeping my house clean?  Maybe it's having personal hobbies or making friends? 

So, I know there isn't a magical answer, but does anyone have insight on how to know when you have "arrived" at this elusive concept of an abundant life?  Or how to go about getting there?


ThePeters' said...

Meg~That's a great question and I think that many author's throw around the concept of the abundant life without really explaining what they may be for some of us. I found a website that talks about living the "abundant" life God wants us to live as we are called to do in John 10:10. The followign is an excerpt I cut and pasted for you:

if we see spiritual growth taking place, and if we are producing good fruit in our lives, we are experiencing the results of a strengthening relationship with God, encapsulated in the first four commandments (verses 2-11; Matthew 22:37-38). Such a relationship with our Creator is the key to abundant living, for there is no greater, more satisfying accomplishment than that among men!

Read more:

So really,I think it's about living a life completely consumed and enveloped in the Holy Spirit and truly learning to walk in and with the Spirit daily. I don't think it's about arriving at a certain point in your life or becoming something or someone. (I really think we will never arrive at this completely abundant life because as humans, we may stop trying to seek the Lord if we did arrive!) This will take place as you grow closer to the Lord and it won't matter the circumstances we face, we will begin to live abundantly through God's will for us whether that be as a mother, teacher, wife, millionaire banker, or whatever else God wants for us.

I hope that made SOME sense! Love you and miss you!

poole party said...

meg - just keep praying and talking to God. even if you're upset with Him - HE wants to hear from you. a life devoted to Him first and foremost is simply the abundant life, i think! sometimes He makes us be or FEEL completely alone to make us HAVE to rely solely on Him. i'm always here to talk or listen - i <3 and miss you!!!

Karole said...

What study are you doing? Is it the one you told me about? I have been contemplating the same issues since I am also doing a study on the Holy Spirit and the abundant life. For me, I believe that the abundant life right now looks like mothering in such a way that God gets the glory, like denying myself to love Isaac, putting his needs first. Also, when at work, when I am walking in the Spirit, I am more humble and submissive. I also believe that when I am truly filled with the Spirit, that I can't help but talk about Jesus. If HE is in control of me then I will overflow with praise for Him and naturally talk about the One that I love. Paul was under extreme persecution yet he was still living the abundant life, so I think it is definitely possible to live the abundant life in our season of life as our focus shifts to being a mom. I envision an authentic walk with the Lord, a moment by moment relationship no matter what the circumstances, constant communion with him and about him to others. Do we ever arrive...not a chance.

Meg said...

Thanks ladies!
I also think that the key is putting God first & maybe the other stuff just falls into place...I appreciate the input!