Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yet another reason why everyone loves Bella

Today Bella made my day.

She was driving me oh-so-crazy this afternoon so I finally went outside with her to play.  Upon entering the back yard she proceeds to do about 15 laps (think she was happy to be playing?).  Then, she pounces on her toy & attempts to taunt me with it.  I have to wonder if she thinks I actually want her dirty, saliva damp rope or she knows I only humor her.  Well, Bella isn't exactly a throw-and-fetch kinda dog.  She is more like a "chase me! chase me!" kinda dog.  And Oklahoma is HOT so needless to say I didn't chase her for very long.

Instead, I decided to water our almost dead lawn.  Dead grass is so not a problem in West Virginia so watering is new to me.  I know there must be some really excellent way to water a lawn, but I basically just point & shoot with the hose.  No, it doesn't get watered evenly & no, it's probably not very effective, but it's all I got.  Anyway, in watering the lawn I discovered that Bella is afraid of the water hose! She runs from it like it is poisonous! I sprayed her a couple of times which really freaked her out.  She is afraid of the water hose, yet she will lap up bacteria laden water & eat cat poop.  What gives? 

Well, while I was still watering, a little white doggy stuck it's head through our wooden fence.  Bella freezes.  Freezes & stares.  I guess the little doggy didn't see us because it just hopped right into our yard.  So I said "Hi doggy" which caused it to run back out of our yard which lit a fire under Bella's butt to try to follow it.  However, Bella is a big dog & will not fit into the opening in our fence so all I could see was a white butt wiggling.  Then I think the little white doggy must have run away because Bella proceeded to do about 10 more laps in our yard.  I guess she was excited about our visitor :) 

It was so funny! I love dogs!!

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