Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday fun

I love Saturday mornings.  Not because I got to sleep in (because I didn't), not because Hubby isn't working (because he is), & not because we have weekend plans (because we don't).  Nope, I love Saturday mornings because of Saturday morning cartoons!! I LOVE them! I watch Qubo.  My favorite cartoon is "Jane & the Dragon", my second favortie is "Willa's Wild Life", & my third favortie is "3-2-1 Penguins" :)

Even when I was working full-time (which included weekends), every Saturday I had off I made sure I got up early enough to watch my cartoons.  Hubby watches them with me when he can.  They are really good!!

I can't wait until Baby Girl is big enough to watch them with me. I just know it will be a favorite family tradition. Along with Sunday afternoon naps :) I love her age right now (10 weeks).  She is very easy to manage (as long as she is happy!) & she takes regular naps so I still have a lot of time to do things I want to do.  But I do think about when she is older & how much fun we will have playing tea party & coloring & playing in the baby pool.  I will have someone to play with-how fun! I look forward to having conversations with her & teaching her about things she doesn't understand & making cookies with her.  Sounds fun!

I shouldn't say I "can't wait" because I can.  I don't want to wish away her baby stage because it is precious & fleeting.  I want to remember the times when she wakes up & wants to snuggle.  I want to remember when her feet were too little to wear all the cute shoes she has in her closet.  I want to remember having to hold her little head up because she can't hold it up herself.  I even want to remember those special middle of the night feedings when it's just the two of us & it's quiet & intimate.  Even Bella stays in her bed at 4am! :)

I want to remember this:

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Linda said...

you will always remember these things Meghan...I can close my eyes and it's like yesterday when all of you were little and I loved having you with me. She will always be your precious girl as you are mine...