Wednesday, July 08, 2009

let's vent, shall we?

ok, does anyone actually like kathy lee gifford? i mean, somebody must cuz she got that job on the 4th hour of the today show. but she is constantly interrupting hoda & she is a total ditz. or at least she acts like one.

also, i am thinking that we can now move on from michael jackson's death. nothing against the man, but apparantly he is some form of deity to people b/c you can't turn on the flippin tv (i am very tempted to cuss) without seeing his face. and i think they need to put that body in the ground.
on the upside, on regis & kelly they were talking about sleeping positions between men & women & what it says about your relationship. i am proud to report that the position hubby & i sleep in is the one that shows the most "in love" amount...or something like that. that sentence was hard to word. anyway, it is facing each other with your legs intertwined. we fall asleep like that, but end up turning over sometime during the night. but i thought that was so sweet to hear. sometimes our foreheads will even touch...i miss him so much.

i am an official addict of army wives. i hope it stays good (i cant be certain b/c i am still in season one). i hung out with 2 little babies the past couple of days and now i want one! they are just so teeny & precious. here's some pics:

Isaac Joel
Felicity Olivia
Awwwwwwwl. so sweet. want one. but it takes 2 :) & it takes money :)

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Shaffer said...

3 most nerve racking words every time I hear them: "I want one" :)