Saturday, July 18, 2009

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque has been really fun! Today is my last day here so I thought I would try to catch everyone up :) Here is a picture of my partial family :) It looks so small! More people are coming today & even more tonight after my sister & I have left...sniffle.

First night at my aunt's was my dad's 66th birthday! So we had cake for him & we all sang him happy birthday to Buzz.

We all thought that dad looked so thin holding his cake that mom wanted to try too :)

Next day was the pool day! It was SO AWESOME! I want a pool so bad now. We also went to Old Town & saw my cousin's $600,000 green home. It's completely solar-powered...really cool. Sorry I didn't take any pics!

And by the way, the cutest dog EVER belongs to my aunt. His name is Petey :)

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Shaffer said...

I can't wait to meet all your peeps one day, sweetie. and btw, I've gotta say it. That red bathing suit is HOT.