Friday, July 17, 2009

Denver+Road Trip

Made it safely to Denver to meet with my sis. Had a minor panic attack on the plane...but that's another story for another day ;) Arrived tired & hungry, but ready for fun!

We ate Mexican that night and then the next day we ran around on errands, tried to take the dog, Fu-Shang, to the dog park but was told that there was an outbreak of the BUBONIC PLAGUE among the prairie dogs.

I mean, are we in a movie or what? Met my brother that night before his softball game...which I hear they lost terribly :(

Next day was the almighty road trip to Albuquerque! It was fun, but HOT as we were basically without AC. What a better way to create memories?
We thought about going to Las Vegas...

but we stayed true to course :)

Good times


Anonymous said...

that's a different las vegas anyway. :)

Shaffer said...

Fu Shang is skinnier than I imagined. :) Bubonic Prairie Dogs?! Holy crap.