Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bella & Zoe

K, so much for catching up with vaca & the like. Today Bella got to play with her friend Zoe. They are so cute! Check it out.

This is Bella realizing that something in the bushes is moving...

It's Zoe the Tabby Cat!! yay!

Bella asks Zoe in dog language if she wants to play.

Zoe says, "No Way Jose"!!

Bella says, "I won't leave you alone until you play with me"

"BACK OFF Mutt-I will claw you!"

Bella finally resigns to just lay down near her :)

Friends at last.

This is the closest I could get Phoenix to the outside world

& then as soon as I turned my back this is where he ran to! He's such a wuss! (But he's my wuss & I love him)

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