Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon Premiere

I have SO much catching up to do! I just can't do it. Sorry.

Basically, we're pregnant, moving to Oklahoma in April/May until August, & then moving to only God knows where right now :) But I promise to keep you updated.

So, instead of trying to catch you up, I thought I would just post pictures from the New Moon Premiere, which was so FUN! I went with St. Mary's girls & really had a blast. I didn't get home until 3AM & wasn't even tired! I was, however, quite sleepy the next day :)

Oh yeah-I run with werewolves. Much more manly than pasty creatures who feast on animal blood. & I'm pretty convinced that if my man were a monster, he would definitely be a werewolf. (But I'm glad he's just human-plain humans are the best really)

Me, Dee, Margo, Kelly, Tiffany

Tiffany, Mary

Nick Megan Ashley

The Team Jacob's unite!! Betty, me, Margo. We were WAY outnumbered! Very few people have taste these days ;)

I think I love Dawn even more than I already did because of her face in this picture :)

See how close we were to the front of the line? That's dedication.

The whole gang! LOVE these girls!

1 comment:

Shaffer said...

You're such a hottie! I mean how could you get any hotter than preferring a certain human over a certain werewolf which is over a certain pasty creature. :)

I do have one question... A Pasty Creature: is that a creature from the past??? ...Like Marty McFly from BttF PII? :)

Love you darling!