Friday, April 07, 2006

Queen...for a day

i know you are so excited to find out about how the rest of my bowling extravaganza went, so here goes. on the way to my second bowling engagement, i got some pointers from my bowling friends, jeremy & karole, the main point being "it's all in your head". so we got to the bowling alley & i strapped on my bowling shoes & actually bowled a 166!! definitely the best score of all time for me. i have proof-in this picture i am 'she-ra'. (chris h. is 'darth vadar', joe is 'wild bill', & brooks is 'mystique'). if you will notice frames 2, 3, & 4 you will observe that i have 3 strikes in a row which i found out is called a turkey. lovin' it.
so i thought i was the stuff for an entire day. then i went bowling on saturday to celebrate my friend marty's 30th birthday where i discovered that i was awful again!! i think i scored a 50 or something.
lucky for me, i truly do go for the nachos & shoes, so i have good memories of all my bowling affairs :-)

the true enjoyment of bowling


Mama Smith said...

Hi Meg...
I survived another week, and this was a tough one (two 50+ hours weeks in a row!), so we rewarded the end of the week by going to Jalisco's of course. We just got home and I opened up e-mail for the first time in two days and found your blog. Loved the picture of you and Karole-you look so thin, and such long hair!!
We are going to a plant sale at the World's Fair Park tomorrow morning, and then walk over to Market Square and beyond to the Rossini Italian Festival. We have gone the last two years and it is so much fun! Sunday is our Easter cantata at church, and I think it is really pretty.
I am glad you are enjoying bowling even with your ups and downs-the shoes are quite attractive, and I'm sure the nachos are delicious...
I can hardly believe we will be with you Budapest a week from today-I am EXCITED!!!
I love you,

gretka said...

you are a QUEEN!!! i have been sure of this since i've met you, my dear friend:))
you should keep this picture in your camera forever...and show it to people who will wanna play bowling with sure they will respect you after seeing the score you've got...hahah