Thursday, March 30, 2006

are you BOWLING my dear?!

yes, this is the very question that i asked myself this week. let me just state for the record that i am most emphatically not into bowling. i go strictly for the nachos & the cool shoes you get to wear. however, this week i have the opportunity to go bowling not once, not twice, but three times!! so, at first i was thinking "man, why bowling?!" but then i realized that this could be my chance to perfect my bowling skillz & to impress those around me. so i'm gonna give it all i got. tonight was the first attempt at proving to myself (& others) that i could indeed get some pins down if i wanted it bad enough...& i did get some least a few...once or twice...i really do not understand how slovak girls who have never bowled in their entire lives can get pins down every turn!! it's one of those inexplainable absurdities that you come across when you live in Slovakia.
but fear not, i have not given up! friday & saturday are new days that bring new opportunites to rock the house.
in the meantime, check out my bowling pics from night #1 & stay tuned for more...

me, big country, & dara armed for battle

these indeed are the "non-bowlers" who whipped my tail over & over & over...

Zuzka, Zuzka, & Lucia

some of the guys that came seemed more interested in the beer than the bowl

hmmmm...can't say i blame 'em ;-)


Rita K. Dhaliwal said...

Hey Meghan!!!
Its Rita Dhaliwal...I hope you remember me....All I can say is have always and will always be an amzing person to me...You have a BEAUTIFUL SOUL Ms. Meghan....I miss you..I think about you alot...I hope that we are able to at least start e-mailing each other so we can reconnect....honestly you being brought into my life was a blessing from God...I am glad you are doing well and that your parents are going to visit you...I will give you a call sometime this weekend...on your vonage and so we can catch up...By the way...guess what???? I am in MEDICAL SCHOOL...PRAISE GOD!!! Its hard but as I have a secret weapon on my side GOD!!! I have a new found faith in god and everyday my relationship with him grows....Ok lady I gotta get back to my studies..I miss you VERY much and I just hope that you still have room for me in your life bye

Meg said...

hey rita!! i am so glad you left a message. i just sent you an email, but i have no idea if it is the right address & i don't have another way to get ahold of you, but i would love it if you called! i miss you girl :-) so check you email or call me!! i am excited to hear about what's going on with you child!!

mama said...

Hey Meg!
We got your blog this way...I don't know why we can't get it the normal way! We have run errands the entire day..Dad doesn't usually go with me, but today he did and we are both tired.Tonight we had dinner at P.F.Chang's thanks to a Christmas gift from Stacey's mother, It was delicious!
Now we are home to stay and very tired. I'm sorry I called you so late- I just didn't think how late it was! Loved your bowling pictures! I am so excited to come and see you and see where you have been the last two years!
Tomorrow will be a calmer day. I think I just have to go to Food City and Walgeeen's after church- Dad will not be coming with me!
I love you,

Anonymous said...

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Nicole Teague said...

meghan, rita! i want to catch up with you ladies!