Thursday, April 27, 2006


Meg, Adriana, Ivana, Lisa, Jana, Morgan
(On bottom: Janka & Bethany)

Gabi & Stace

Milking a cow in Salzburg with Courtney

Veronika & Dara with mom & dad :-)

May I present...Princess Andrea

Silly, silly girls

In beautiful Spain with beautiful Amber

sorry Dara!
I couldn't resist ;-)


Lisa said...

Such fun times!! I especially love the one of you and courntey milking the cow, classic!

Shaffer said...

uhhh.. Meg
Do you realize that that's a bull you're milking there?

Meg said...

AAAA!! NO! How embarrassing :P

Anonymous said...

You guys are rediculous. Have fun. I miss being there with you all.

Loc said...

that was me leaving the comment above. - LOC