Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pregnancy Journey Week 14

At long last, I am no longer sick.  I am still tired, but I do have two kids I chase all day so that is to be expected.  This baby in my belly is now the size of a lemon! Woo hoo! That's pretty dang big.  Baby Center tells me that this baby can now possibly suck his or her thumb and since my 2 year old and my 9 month old both are thumb suckers, I betcha' this one will be too!  Right about the time this one finds their thumb, I'll need to start breaking Autumn of her habit.  I'm so not looking forward to that!

I don't know how people write out these things every week.  I guess if I was super in tune to my body I would notice little tiny changes, but much doesn't seem to change from week to week.

Symptoms: Some kind of muscle or ligament is hurting me below my waistline!  If I stand up too fast, yowers.  It used to just hurt on my right side and now it hurts on both.  I'm sure it's normal :)  Hmmm, what else?  I still have to eat every 3 hours or so.  It used to be more often than that so I guess it's gotten a bit better.  Like, right now, I asked Chris to go get me some popcorn and I'm trying to wait patiently ;)

Cravings: I'm finally having some cravings which I think is fun.  Pretty much anything greasy.  Yet, another symptom that reminds me of my pregnancy with Autumn.  Some other random things.  It's not any one thing, but I'll see a recipe online and I want to make it immediately!

What I Miss:  Oh golly, I don't know.  I have LOTS to be stressed out about right now, so I would say that I miss not being stressed about having a baby, but what's one more stresser on the list?  I guess I miss the days back when I could just drink coffee for breakfast :)

Best Pregnancy Moment of The Week: For me, I guess it would be the last 4 weeks :)  I'm going to go with "Don't feel like crap anymore"!  Pretty good one, eh?

Questions/Concerns:  Well, other than that ligament pain I was talking about, I don't have much else to worry about.  Once we get to Oklahoma, I'm going to have to find a doctor and all that jazz, but I'm putting off that stress for awhile and focusing on leaving Germany.  God worked out my second pregnancy when I moved so he'll work out this one too.  Plus, Fort Sill has a hospital on base so it will be easier than trying to find a civilian doctor like I had to do with Caleb.

Goals for The Upcoming Week(s): Try to find a boy name.  Try to find a bible study in Oklahoma to join pretty quickly after we arrive.

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Kristin Lyttle said...

I had the ligament pain with Emma!!! It's normal, but annoying :) It always happened if I got up too fast!