Monday, September 10, 2012

Fun stories about #3

Since I have mostly shared on here the struggle I have been having with this pregnancy (which I believe God is going to use one day to encourage someone else at some point!), I thought I would share some fun things about this baby :)

How We Found Out:  I was late.  With my you-know-what.  However, I had taken a test once already (after I was late) and it was negative so I really didn't think I was pregnant.  There are these little roadside trucks here that sell German food and when we see one, we always get some meat and pomme frites :)  I got a pork sandwich and Chris got half a chicken (yes, he eats like a MAN.  All the time.  I am not looking forward to feeding him and Caleb one day!).  I just couldn't eat mine.  I hadn't gotten the pork before so I just thought I didn't like the meat.  So we traded.  I couldn't eat the chicken either.  I said something along the lines of, "This is nasty.  I can't even swallow it".  Chris looked at me and said, "Get in that bathroom and pee on a stick"!  Haha, I just think that is hilarious!  He said it because we both love the roasted chickens!  So, I obeyed and then came out, handed him the stick, and didn't speak for a full 7 minutes.  Ok, I didn't time it, but I was silent for quite awhile.  It was like my mind just wouldn't grasp what was right in front of me!  Chris, of course, the best husband in the world, was all smiles and joy.

How We Told People: For my parents, we were on Skype so we held up 3 clues for them to figure out. The first was an Arizona mug (where we thought we were going to be stationed.  We were wrong).  The second was 3 baby dolls.  The third was the positive pregnancy test.  They got if after the dolls :)  For his parents, we were unable to Skype so Chris said, "We need your all's opinion on something.  We are looking to buy a car that will hold 3 car seats".  His mom got it immediately.  It was funny because she said the same thing that she said when we were pregnant with Autumn which was, "You are kidding me" about 3 times!  (Caleb's was less of a surprise since everyone knew we were trying with him).  Chris' godmother replied with, "Ok, I'll look into the consumer reports for you" :)  Totally over her head! So then Chris said, "Well, let me know because we are going to need one in about 9 months".  Then she got it :)  My sister was super surprised and super happy.  I never call my brother.  We pretty much communicate through email so when I called him he said, "Are you pregnant again?"  Haha, he was the only one who actually knew before we told him!

Another fun little thing is we think it's a girl.  We are still debating about whether to find out or not, but this pregnancy has waylaid me in a similar manner that Autumn's did.  Caleb's was, by far, the easiest pregnancy I have had, even counting my miscarriage at 10 weeks with my second pregnancy.  That one must have been a girl too ;)  We'll find out in Heaven I hope.  However (there is always a "however" with me), God tends to keep me on my toes (sometimes I say it not so nicely by saying he enjoys throwing curve balls at me!) so I will not be overly surprised if this is a boy since we think it's a girl.

My due date is March 13th, 2013.  We are almost positive we will be living in Oklahoma at that point. I'm a little bummed we are going to have a baby in a state we don't really care about, but it was God's choice, not ours.  We have zero boy names we both like, so feel free to give me suggestions!! :)

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