Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baby Journey Week 10

Baby Growth: My baby is now the size of a kumquat.  Did I know what that was?  Um, definitely not.  I just googled it.  You should too!  It's a fruit that is about an inch long.

Symptoms: I am no longer sick to my stomach all day long.  That was awful and I am so glad it has passed.  I still get sleepy throughout the day, but not as bad as a couple of weeks ago.  I go to bed every night by 10pm which is very early for me.  And, although I love doing stuff during the day because it breaks up the monotony, it also wears me out.  I need to eat every couple hours or I get really weak and CRANKY.  Oh my, it is bad.  I am still getting motion sickness when I swing on the swings with Autumn.  Crazy symptom that one!  Peeing all the time.  My pants are starting to get tight :(

Cravings: Nada.  Which is kind of a bummer because I think food cravings are really fun.  I have fond memories of my husband making late night runs for my demanding taste buds with my first pregnancy!

What I Miss:  Energy.  I miss that more than anything.  A flat (let's get real and say "flat-ish") stomach. I miss sleeping through the night and sleeping comfortably.  I mean, I'm barely showing, but I already can't get comfortable at night!

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week:  We are in Germany and they do ultrasounds every visit so I got to see our baby this week which now actually looks like a baby!  That never gets old.  It is so amazing to see this little person with arms and legs moving around in your belly and you can't even feel it.  I love it!

Questions/Concerns:  Oh, let me tell you , I have a TON of these.  Not for the doctor necessarily, but for God.  Ha!  It's true.  The main one being "What are you going to send us?"  and "Where am I going to have this baby?" We don't know.  We will probably either be in Germany, Oklahoma, or Arizona but none of those are definite.  I mean, can you believe how crazy my life is?  This will be the THIRD baby I have had in an "unstable" situation.  THIRD!  I mean, don't you think God could cut me a little slack in the faith department?!  I'm totally kidding, but sometimes I do feel like saying, "Ok, I went along with #1 & #2...can you please give me a settled life for #3?"  It's not easy, but apparently God thinks I can handle all this transition so I just go along with it.

Goals for Next Week:  Fold my piles and piles of clean laundry AND get it put away.  Clean the upstairs bathroom.

I still don't want to find out what we are having, but Chris does so we will see what happens there.  He will probably win since I cave so easily.  We both think it's a girl although we don't really care one way or the other.  The reason we think it's a girl is because of how sick I was in the beginning.  I was the same way with Autumn and with Caleb I wasn't sick at all (not even a little bit!).  We have a girl name picked out, but no clue for a boy.  Funny story: I was chalking with Autumn and I decorated a brick for Autumn and Caleb and one for our girl name and Autumn came over and scribbled out the girl name one.  She can't read and doesn't even know all her letters so it was totally a coincidence, but I took that as a sign from God to not count our eggs before they hatch!  As in, it very well might be another boy!  I will be totally happy with either.

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