Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quick update

Chris has been home and we have been busy...laying around and hanging out :)  Actually, we have been busy.  We are trying to declutter and organize our home.  As this is not either one our strong suits, it has been challenging.  But not bad challenging.  Just, you know, an area we need help in!  However, most of our downstairs looks awesome  now.  There are still a couple of problem areas (mostly boxes we haven't unpacked and our laundry room), but I feel like we are finally taking care of our home...I know, took us long enough, right?!  I guess it took two kids to realize that we MUST get better about keeping things spic and span around here (and no, I have no idea what that saying means).

I just wanted to say hi to the blog world and since I know people don't look at my blog to see me, here are a couple shots of the cutest pa-tuties ever.
Makes me want to go wake him and give him kisses :)

I promise I am not a mean person, but are crying babies cute or what?!

By far, his favorite thing to do ever!

Who sleeps like this?

My angel with her halo of gold

Since this never happens anymore, I had to get a picture of it! I miss those days (Um, just a little bit, I'm quite happy she sleeps in her own bed)

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