Sunday, July 01, 2012

Mr. Man! 6 Months Old

I am posting this almost a month late! I wrote it before we left for Germany with every intention of posting it before we left and then I didn't.  I am getting ready to do his 7 month update and he is sooooo different!  Oh my goodness, 6-7 months was a huge leap for Caleb.  But, for now, here is what he was up to at 6 months (June 6):

Half of one year?!?  Why oh why does it go by so fast?  Now, don't get me wrong.  When he was eating 8 billion times a night and cried for no apparent reason (as only newborns can do!) I did think, "Oh, Meg, this is just a phase.  He'll be 6 months before you know it".  So, it's not like this was wholly unexpected or unwanted, but it also makes me kind of emotional to think about.  Chris has missed  so much and it honestly breaks my heart.  I know when it's all said and done and Caleb is grown up that 6 months will only be a drop in the bucket, but right now it's everything.  So, yeah, I'm emotional today!

My baby man can now roll over both ways which was this month's BIG accomplishment.  He is still working on sitting up!  I thought for sure he would have it down pat by  now.  If I was more disciplined to let him practice, maybe he would.

He is certainly not going to win any awards for being a great napper!  I have been trying really hard lately to get him on a regular schedule, but that boy is exceptionally unpredictable.  He naps anywhere from 40 mins to 2.5 hours.  His nights have been going better.  Lately, he's only been waking up once (at 4am) to eat between 7pm and 7am so that's a nice change of pace. .

Honestly, nursing has been hard lately.  I get so frustrated trying to figure out if something is wrong or if I'm satisfying him or why he's fussy (Did I eat something that bothers him?  Is he hungry?  Is it coming out too slow?).  I am so looking forward to starting him on solids so I can be sure he's getting enough calories.  Maybe that's totally opposite from other people.  I wish nursing was easier!  It's one of those areas that I beat myself up over like I mentioned in my failure post.  I realize that in his 5 month post, I mentioned starting him on cereal but after a couple of days, we stopped.  I am one of those people that believe it's best for baby to wait until at least 6 months and I started earlier mostly in hopes that he would sleep better and then I felt guilty and selfish so  we stopped. Autumn started when she 7 months old and Caleb will probably start when he's 6.5 months.   So, that's that.

On a fun note, Autumn & Caleb have started to really play together!  It is so SWEET!  I put them both in the pack and play sometimes (she LOVES it silly girl) and they just entertain each other for awhile.  She will "read" to him or sing or whatever.  It is just one of those things in life that will always bring a smile to my face!  She still definitely gets jealous of him at times, but she more often is sweet to him and understanding of his needs.  That will probably change as they get older, huh? ;)

What else, what else...his hair is totally goofy!  He has the best old man comb-over on a baby I have EVER seen!  Seriously, y'all, it is hilarious!  I look at his newborn pictures and his 3 month pictures and I think, "Where did all his hair go?!?".

That's about all I got.  Here's a few pictures.  He got some professional ones made that I think I will post later today or tomorrow.  I was trying to pick just one or two, but couldn't decide so I am going to put them all up in another post :)

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