Friday, June 29, 2012

In Germany

We made it to Germany (or "Germy" as Autumn says).  The trip was quite stressful as I knew it would be, but we're here now and all doing fantastic!  Chris returned about a week after us and my mom left about a week after that.  Thank goodness for my mom's help!! I could not have survived without her help getting me and my two kids across the Atlantic and then dealing with jet lag.  Seriously, crazy times.  

The kids and Chris and I have gotten into a wonderful routine of daily life.  Evenings can be pretty hectic because Caleb naps late so when he wakes up it's like go, go, go with eating and our family walk and baths until bedtime but it's just a season and soon enough they will be on the same schedule hopefully!  Right now Caleb goes to bed at 7pm and then the 3 of us eat dinner and Autumn goes to bed at 8pm so we do baths around 6ish which isn't ideal for Autumn but like I said, it's just a season :)

One thing I'm adjusting to is a severe depletion of my free time.  It just...disappeared.  With unpacking and sharing a computer (long story) and figuring out how to do life in a new place, I'm pretty much busy from sunup until sundown.  Plus, my evenings used to be empty once the kids went to bed and now Chris is here, which is certainly a good trade off ;)  But it is an adjustment.  I'm used to reading blogs and books for a couple hours each night and now I'm not sure where to fit that in.  Today I got up super early by accident but it has been nice having a couple hours to myself.  Maybe I'll become an early bird!

That's all for now.  Hope I didn't lose too many friends when I took my accidental blogging break.  I had no idea it would take 3 weeks to get Internet here!  Bavaria, Bavaria, you are beautiful, but I miss my American amenities (mostly customer service and air conditioning).  We have already taken a day trip (Nuremberg) so hopefully I'll post about that soon!

Here is a reunion pic:
It's really not very good of the kids, but it's all I got!  They were handing out those lei type thingies that Autumn is wearing and I think you were supposed to put them around the soldier's head or something?  And, yes, that is really what Caleb's hair looks like from behind.  Most hilarious hair ever.  :)

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