Monday, June 22, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

wow, monday again. they just keep on coming...

worked again-busy day. on my way to work, i saw a cute little bunny. so sweet. you can try to see it in the picture below, but it's pretty itty bitty.

after work i went to kroger & there was this guy in a white t-shirt that looked a little bit like my honey, but nowhere near as hot.

at kroger i bought some stuff for strawberry shortcake for a bridal shower i'm going to tomorrow night & some new dog toys!! yay for dog toys!

the hedgehog on the right is bella's favorite. we can say "go get your hedgehog" & she actually will!! she's so smart. she's already destroyed 2 of them.
watched 2 more episodes of army wives, ate leftovers & was also super productive according to meg standards. not only did i empty 3 of our garbage cans, i vacuumed & then proceeded to rinse out the filter. oh yes, i am so learning how to clean :)

bella is still pacing waiting for hubby to get home. i just do not satisfy. she keeps looking out the window :) poor girl.

then dawnage called me. here's my favorite pic of her:

& here's a better one:
Dawnage is so great. i miss her.
my baby just called. hey baby :) today is the last day he will have use of his cell phone. so sad, but so true.
went outside with bella to try to wear her butt out. a very hard task indeed. aunt betty gave her more treats & informed me that tomorrow is her birthday so i suppose i need to think of a treat to give her...
came back inside. called sweet linda & talked to her while i did dishes (more productiveness points!) & then i noticed a pile of wet soggy aparagus on the floor. i almost took a picture but didn't so really, you ought to feel lucky. upon observation (lucky for bella i observed before i yelled) i discovered it was not asparagus but grass. still gross. it's still lying there...
no, i'm kidding! i promise i cleaned it up :)

next up...books!!! i've been productive enough for some reading time, right? here are my lovely books. dont tell ashley, but pendragon is way better :)

love you baby. wish you were here so i could tell you about my books cuz they are way cool.

by the way, i'm so tired of kate plus eight or whatever that i could practically vomit at the checkout line. are we really so pathetic that we must obsess over their lives? if people are so interested in infidelity they ought to look around because it's happening everywhere.

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Shaffer said...

That's right. You finished Darcy's wife while I was gone. How was that sweetie?