Wednesday, June 24, 2009


i know that i shouldn't really think that calling wednesday "humpday" is funny, but i do. call me juvenile if you must.

last day in huntington. i'm going to charleston this evening to spend the night with the in-laws. super early 2morr i am going to the airport headed for california (if you say it like matthew mcconaughey in that movie he was in with bill murray it's way more fun)! i am meeting my sista at the san diego airport & hopefully some kind soul will give us a lift to la jolla. my mom & her crazy friends are are bringing their daughters for a vaca :) fun.

bridal shower last night was tons of fun. i always have more fun at other people's parties than my own because i hate all the attention. i wonder if jennifer thought it was fun. hope so. here's a few pics:

so today i am packing, running to campus to get my camera from becca cuz i left it at her place last night, dropping bella off at club pet to be boarded, going to target to buy some shorts, & getting a calling card to mail to hubby so we can talk. busy day-better get started :)

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Shaffer said...

hump-day.. he he