Sunday, June 21, 2009

for Hubby

SO, Hubby left today. it was bright & early this morning & in my sleepy state, i told him that i would keep my blog updated...prolly not daily, but that's a nice goal to shoot for. he wants to stay involved. i missed him quite a lot today.

here goes

post airport, i drove to work crying (just a bit honey, i wasn't being a hazardous driver, i promise!). nothing much happened at work, pretty slow day. i came home on my lunch break to find destruction in my home, courtesy of bella. see below:

so i yelled at her. then i forgave her. then i went back to work. it was during this time that i especially missed hubby as i dont do as well as him with destruction of our home.

after work, i came home, checked my email & read a bit of a book called "Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife". i also drank a cherry coke (thanks babe).

then bella & i went outside to play chase while i picked up her piles of excrement. again, missing hubby as picking up waste typically falls under his realm of duties. next, we went on an uneventful, but very hot walk.

came home, made dinner "fettucine with vegetables & proscuitto". see below:

again, missed hubby because i wanted to show him that the word proscuitto does in fact exist. the man at wal-mart said he'd never heard of it before! can you believe it?? come on people. well, dinner was alright-i give it a 7. i wanted to ask hubby if he thought that the asparagus was rotten, but of course he wasn't there & of course i used it anyway & of course it was gross & so of course i had to hand-pick out every single piece.

now, i'm watching season one, episode two of army wives. interesting...very interesting...& prolly not at all realistic.
once again, missing hubby.

aw man, bella wants to play again. that's hubby's job :)
play we did. back outside to play chase some more (the more worn out she is, the better quality of sleep i get) & to talk to "aunt betty". whilst talking to aunt betty, i was gifted two mosquito bites. & i'm pretty sure bella got one too.

henceforth, the rest of this post will be pure speculation.
so after playing with bella outside, i brushed my teeth, climbed into bed with another book "Pendragon: Book 1" (because as much as i love darcy & elizabeth, i can only take so much-you did notice whilst & henceforth, right?) & finally fell asleep lonely.

miss you baby


Linda said...

Meg...I love you and I love your crazy dog too. What a day you've had without Chris! I know how much you'll miss him (been there, done that)and I know he will be missing you. Hopefully, this month will go very quickly. Dad has had a nice Father's Day- beautiful weather if you don't mind tyhe heat (I don't) LOVE LOVE LOVE

Shaffer said...

I'm back at home with the crazy dog asleep at my feet while you're at work, but I feel a little sad and lonely now. :( That was a really hard day for me too sweetie. My eyes watered a little that morning as you drove away for some reason.