Thursday, September 12, 2013

God's Little Explorers

SO, I guess I might start blogging again.  But, I don't know.  I am starting some preschool curriculum with Autumn on Monday and some other women going through the curriculum are documenting their journey so I'm thinking about it. The curriculum is called "God's Little Explorers" and it is bible based and even though we haven't officially started yet, I'm pretty sure it's going to be fabulous and fun.

And, just in case anyone is wondering, yes, Autumn is still attending preschool.  Funny thing that.  She goes for a couple hours daily.  I don't even know how to explain what has been happening in my heart lately.  I will say that I am now 100% convinced to give home schooling a try and wish I could pull her out of school.  Of course, the option to pull her out is there.  We are contracted to pay every month until December but that doesn't mean she has to go.  However, I really want to give it a fair shot...although, for unknown reasons to me, I pretty much have no good feelings about it.  Nothing bad has happened.  I just don't like it.  She is kind of apathetic about it. She is such a flexible kid that she will go because we tell her to, but it's hard to say how she really feels about it.  She definitely doesn't love it...but nor does she hate it.  Overall, I'm pretty sure she would rather stay home, but I can't tell how much she would rather stay home.  If that makes sense.

Anyway, the hubs is on board to start homeschooling next year (as in 2014) so there ya go.  It will be a trial run.  However, I can't stand to wait that long so we are starting God's Little Explorers (henceforth known as GLE) on Monday.  If it seems like it is too much for Autumn going to school and doing GLE, we will stop.  Or we will pull her out of school ;)  She LOVES doing one on one things with me so I think she'll be fine, but we are playing it by ear.  She is pretty much the ideal student.  Her brother, however...Autumn and I will be doing "school" during his nap because that boy...well, he is a wild man.  A wild, passionate, energetic tornado.  I adore his spirit but do not look forward to trying to teach him anything where he has to sit still.  He's only 21 months so maybe he'll chill out a bit before he turns 3?  We'll figure that out when we get there, right? :)

It's funny how things work out because I was so determined to give private preschool a shot and now thinking about it just makes my stomach ache.  I wonder if that is what it took for God to convince me that this is what he wants for me and my children.  I still have worries about home schooling, but my kids are so young this really is the best time to give it a shot, right?  Start now with one and then just add two and three to the mix later on.  Ah, we'll see.  My heart is all aflutter and I wish God would just use an audible voice to tell me exactly what I should do!

So, onward and upward.  Hopefully, next week I will have my very first GLE post up and documented!

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Jessica said...

If I could encourage you to just take homeschooling one year at a time instead of making a whole K-12 decision homeschool or not, it may help! Also I strongly feel that the main reason I'm homeschooling is that God is calling for me to do that! I homeschool for His glory! That frees us from comparing other families that choose a different route of education, maybe God has called their family to put them in Christian school, Charter school, or Public school. Hope you don't mind my thoughts!! God bless you!!