Thursday, August 08, 2013

Ladybug 5 Months

These are seriously coming way too fast.  It's really too late and I'm really too tired to be doing this right now, but I am so overwhelmed with all these thousands of little things I need to do that I have to do something or I will never go to sleep.  Not only do I have thousands of little things to do, it feels like my husband is never here!!  Of course, he is here sometimes, it just doesn't feel that way.

SO, 5 months old!

She is still exclusively breast fed.  We haven't been able to get that child on a bottle, but we haven't tried very hard either.  

She takes 2 solid naps a day with a mini 30 min nap thrown in there most days.
She is not sleeping through the night all the time, but she has once or twice. I think that is the same as last month.

She rolls over both ways all the time now.

She is still a very happy, content baby.

I can now drink dairy without it affecting her so yay for mommy.

She does not like it when I sneeze!  She actually cries over it!

So, this is seriously the worst entry EVER!!  I feel like a bad mom, gah.  I'm sure there are a billion details I'm leaving out.  Sometimes I go back through my facebook posts to see what's happened.  I clearly need to do that for this post!

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