Thursday, August 01, 2013

Ocean Update

So, our ocean week has now turned into 2 weeks which is totally fine.  We have done 4 out of the 6 ocean ideas I wanted to do.  Trying to cram it into a week wasn't a good idea for me anyway.  If they get too messy everyday, I get burnt out on messy play. I also don't take enough pictures, but such is life.  I'd rather make memories than try to capture them ;)

This was out gelatin tub.  The oatmeal was supposed to be the sand.  It's hard to see because of the sun and because the water table is also blue, but other than the oatmeal, that baby is filled with blue gelatin!  Autumn loved getting messy, Caleb didn't.  Just as I predicted.   

Caleb embraced the messy this day.  Well, for him.  Autumn would rub paint all over her entire body if I let her!  We have struggled doing crafts in the past with Caleb.  He tends to get super frustrated with the process (the steps I mean), but this day he did really well (hence the pictures!)

And, this was frozen blue rice with some aquarium rocks and seashells.  Good times.  Caleb can now say shell :)

So, the other two activities I had planned were for an ocean themed bath which will only happen if my husband is ever home early enough to let me set it up (doubtful) and some sand play. 

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