Monday, May 13, 2013

Mom of Three

I've quickly learned as a mom of 3 how the world is not built for "big" families.  Having three is so different than having two.

First of all, there is just a general impression you get that people don't understand why you would have three.  And, with us, why on earth we would have 3 so close together.  I mean, according to society, two is accepted and even expected, but any more than that..."they" want to know "why"?  I find myself explaining "we didn't plan this" having 3 under 3 is some sin that I should have known not to commit.  I hate it and I have just decided to never again say that to people.  Planned or not, it is one of the most beautiful things about my life and I don't need to explain it away to anyone.

There is also the issue of childcare.  I've started going to an exercise class (first time ever!) and I love it.  I love working out and I love getting healthy.  However, there is a childcare issue (unrelated to me) and there seems to be (possibly) too many children to have to baby sit.  So, of course, I think I should just quit going.  No one has said that to me, but I am the only one who brings 3 children and certainly the only one who brings 3 very young children.

I would like to join a bible study, but am afraid I will run up against the same issue.  I take up one adult spot and 3 child spots.  It is my right to attend these things...but I can't help but feel like they see me coming and inwardly groan.  I am sure part of the problem is my own low self esteem and insecurities.

I wish society would see my children and smile.  I wish people would see me pushing a double stroller with a baby strapped to my chest and say "how happy you must be" or "you are one lucky woman" instead of "whoa" or "I guess you are done having kids for awhile, eh?".  I wish society loved children instead of seeing them as a financial burden or as stress.

My children are so special to me and so loved by me (and my husband!) and it pains my heart to have people think they are anything less than wonderful.  For us, it is can be very challenging having all these littles, but also so very worth it.

I don't know how to feel comfortable/accepted in society with these kids, but I better figure it out because we may have more!

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Linda, lucky grandmother said...

You go girl! Having those three beautiful children is a blessing that many people would like to share. As grandparents, we could not be more blessed!!!