Sunday, June 03, 2012

Tea for Three

Autumn & I had a tea party with her gorilla, Gumbo.  It was fun (ok, I didn't think it was that fun, but she did!)  and we practiced using "please" and "thank you".  Sometimes she even says it all on her own now so yay!
Sadly, we do not have a little tea table so we had to sit on the floor.  Reason number 896 I like having a baby more than being pregnant: I can sit on the floor!!  And, I suwannee, that dog (his name is Randy and he belongs to my parents) is in the background of hundreds of my pictures.  He hangs around a lot :)

We decided to let Bunny in on the action.  
On another note, I think this gorilla is ugly.  Can I get an Amen?  My brother came in and told Autumn she could anything in the zoo gift shop she wanted (Um, yes, my brother SPOILS her...but it's ok because he only gets to see her about twice a year).  Out of the entire gift shop, she chose this UGLY Gorilla!!  It totally cracks me up!  His name is Gumbo and she loves him :)

And since she has the coolest mommy ever, we even got to eat tea sized cookies!  I'm not sure what tea sized means, but they were little miniature chocolate chip cookies. 

Fun, fun, fun.  Pretty soon, daddy will be home and get to experience the awesomeness of a tea party with a two year old and her stuffed animals!  And mommy will laugh in the background ;)

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