Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Learning is Fun! Lion Mask & Shadow Seeking

It's 5:15pm and both of my kids are sleeping...what's going on?!?! 

One activity that me & Autumn did this past week that was a lot of fun was we made a lion mask.  These are so easy and so fun!  Just go to Google & type in "Lion Mask Template" (or any animal for that matter) & you will get plenty of options.  Some websites have the option to print them in color if you want to work on cutting or gluing.  Since Autumn is on the younger side of doing those activities (22 months) we printed out a plain mask & let her color in her lion with colored pencils (I try to let her use different art could obviously use markers or crayons or paint or anything you wanted).  Before she colored in her mask, I glued it on cardboard (an old diaper box) & cut around the outline and also some eye holes.  After it's colored you just cut some slits and tie elastic to it and voila! You have your very own little lion.  Here a picture of my little lion: 

I wish you could see the video of her "roaring".  It is pee your pants funny, but I am challenged in the phone to computer to Internet department.  I must remember to take cute videos on my Bloggie so that I can actually watch them on my computer!  If we did this again, I would use a more dramatic medium (paint maybe) to see the colors better & use something softer than cardboard to make it stiff because her little nose got a bit red.  I bet a paper plate would work. 

Now, for an activity flop (I really need to come up with something catchy and cute for our successes and failures).  The one that comes to mind right away is the afternoon we spent outside looking for our shadow.  Not so much looking for it as trying to explain to Autumn what a shadow is and where to find it.  It was very obvious to me where my outline was on the grass, but she was not getting it.  At all :)  We'll try again down the road!  Maybe if we watched Peter Pan before we went outside...

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